I’m happy you made it here to my website!

My mission is to bring about awareness of the connection between body and mind.

My love for fitness has always gone above and beyond just working out. I really feel that any physical transformation, is vastly connected to the focus we also dedicate to our mental and emotional health, alongside the maintenance of a nourishing diet, intentional training, proper recovery and an overall balance throughout our lives, to support this transformation.

I aspire to create a restored awareness of this mind and body connection. This way, physical goals become that much more attainable for each and every one of us, because with understanding on their connectivity, we can use both to work for us, and not ‘against’ us, or, for better use of imagery – so that we are not working against ourselves, by feeding the negative thoughts and habits.

Ultimately, I want to help people to see the limitless potential they hold within themselves. Training is an awesome expression of this - your body is an incredible machine and will follow what you tell it do to! It also works tirelessly on your behalf to keep you alive and functioning. This is why supporting it through your habits and daily actions is the most self loving thing you can do. 


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