Weekly Review


An actionable set of questions to ask yourself each week.

The Weekly Review is a process which will work in conjunction with your goals. It is a method I use to reflect upon the previous week, to help me to determine what I want to do the following week.

This works to make sure you are constantly progressing towards your goals. You will be able to see what you feel has been going well, aa well as the areas that need more focus upon.

The weekly review is supposed to be a completely honest and straightforward way of seeing exactly where you are at physically and mentally. It’s important to be as open as possible, because it is for the greater good! No judgement of yourself, just an opportunity to reflect, authentically, to review where you are at.

You can either print this out or copy the questions in to a separate document or notepad. Just make sure you do it every week!

It’s consistency which yields the most progress and results.

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