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I really want to help people reach their fitness goals and desires.

I want to show them how they can get STARTED.

Getting started really is the hardest part. Thereafter, it’s about sticking to it, so that all of the work you put in finally transforms in to visible results and progress

However, so many people get stuck before they can see that progress, because they don’t know where to start. They may wonder how its even possible to workout at home. and in the gym, they may feel intimidated by the weights because they don’t know how to use them, therefore sticking to the treadmill. But this isn’t going to optimise your results. It won’t give you the progress you’re after (well, it can…).

But I got started a better way.

Whether it be at home, OR in the gym, I have created some free workouts that you can download on my website. The intention behind them is to provide you with some insight as to how you can get started – some direction.

The ‘at home’ workouts comprise of circuit style training, either with or without your own weights. This was primarily the method i used to get started, and the results were something I was so proud of at the time!! I lost all of the excess fat i wanted to lose, yet gained definition across my entire body – i saw my muscles for the first time! and i fell i love… and moved to the gym.

The gym workouts on the other hand, are split between an upper body and a lower body hypertrophy style training workout. You can either do them together for a full body workout, or do them one at a time. This is the style of training I did when I gained more muscle and progressed even more. They mostly focus on super-sets, which i have always found contribute so much to your overall progress.

This isn’t some sort of a weekly exercise routine that you follow every day, it’s more exemplar workouts that i do and have done in the past, so that you gain gain an idea, switch things around and make it your own.

Remember though – results come from persistence and consistency!

You also have to BELIEVE you can stick to it. You’ve gotta find that inner strength to just pull it out of you and do it, even when you don’t FEEL like it.

Anyhow, the link is here

Or just head over to the shop page on my site and click on ‘free stuff’

I really hope they help!

and if you have any questions, please, send me an email:

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Thank you for reading!!

Louise x

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