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An adventure of a lifetime

She undertakes the new river and beings to paddle downstream, the glorious trees covered in frost circling her up above, the vivid blue sky beaming in the background, the sun blazing down on her crown, igniting every fire within her soul…

Never has there ever been a more perfect moment to embrace the now and embark on this journey as it unfolds around her. With each glide she moves in the direction of embodiment, of peace and enlightenment. The light of the world has come.

Shortly later the tide begins to slow down; she knows this means its time to work the oars of her little boat herself to keep things flowing. As she sits for a moment observing her body, she receives a sudden insight to get off and venture the woods to the right. She decides to take action immediately. Bringing the boat to a stop by a nearby bank, she gets off and starts descending the hilly bank. The leaves crumble beneath her feet as she ventures in to the tranquillity of the forest.

Moving swiftly through the trees, she comes to an opening. A field, a horse, and a view like no other. She snaps a picture of the view on her phone, sending it to the world for everyone to see. Through the eyes of her soul she can see the world.  Looking beyond the fields she can see for miles. She moves closer to the edge of what appears to be a cliff…

Looking down she is startled to see thrashing waves of sea below! She unlocks her phone and begins to google map where she is. Curious as to where she has ended up, she discovers she is in fact in south Slovakia!

Dayum, she thinks. It had been a while since she had woken up fully. The plane journey was a blur – in and out of consciousness, being dragged by people to and from destination to destination. Only when she had arrived at where ever it was she was going could she escape that life! The rat race.

It was time for her to start a fresh – to release the enslavement of the past, and the chains to the future. The only moment is now, and right now is the only place there ever will be. Now, is where things happen. Its the only place.
Setting her phone aside she takes a moment to contemplate her journey – how far she has truly come. She gives her self a strong hug of appreciation, before making her way down a flight of stairs that spiral down to the sea front.

Little did she know, a person was asleep on those stairs. She carefully steps past, trying not to awaken this person whom she assumed was homeless. To her surprise however, he awoke abruptly just as she was half way past. She jumped and almost ran, almost falling over herself! The man chuckled. “careful sister, you don’t want to go falling down there, the sea is wild!”. She smiles, feeling a bit more at ease. The sound of his voice was calming and assuring. “Are you ok?” she asks with genuine interest. “i’m okay” said the man: he looked about 40 she’d say, yet she could see in his face that he was young at heart. “I like to sit here some times, just to meditate and take in the view. Not many people usually walk here at this time, but hey i must’ve half drifted off!” He stands up, brushing himself off and neatening his clothes.
“Do you live around here” she asks. “Yes, just though those trees” he explains – pointing back in the direction she had just came. “I live on a hill, i can usually see the sea from my balcony but i feel so much closer to it being here”.

She was impressed! A balcony – by the sea. It had always been a dream of hers. “Well”, she begins to say, slowly descending the steps once more. “I best be off…”

They catch each others eye for a moment;

suddenly zapped in to a moment of complete bliss, it felt as though she saw the entire universe….

and in that very moment, her entire life changed….

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