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Anger… and what to do about it

Whats all this about ANGER being a BAD thing?

Anger, like every other emotion, is an emotion. An emotion is energy (like everything). Energy, doesn’t disappear.  It can only be transformed in to another form of energy. Therefore, SUPPRESSING anger as a specific type of emotion, because it’s deemed to be ‘wrong’ in someway or inappropriate, is extremely negative for our health and well-being. This is because energy doesn’t ever just go away. When you suppress your emotions continuously and pretend they aren’t there, they will just keep on coming back up in the form of being triggered by certain experiences or interactions with people. Or, they will manifest and show up in your life through physical dis-ease and symptoms (ones that you may ignore). The harder you push it down, the more forceful its gonna bounce back up in your face, raring at you to notice it and acknowledge it!!

You may have been suppressing a certain emotion so much and for so long that it doesn’t even seem to affect you. YET, you have people saying you are angry, or another type of emotion, and you can’t understand why because you NEVER ever show anger. This is because the energy is still there within you. As i said, it doesn’t disappear or go away. People naturally sense and pick up on your vibration and emotion, it’s a very natural thing to do.

Emotion can only be released once it is felt, acknowledged, and illuminated through your light of consciousness. This is what we do in childhood healing. We listen to what a current emotion is telling us, by going back to the very root of when this emotion first appeared, so that we can acknowledge the very root and core wound/fragmented aspect of ourselves so that it doesn’t keep coming back up in our lives.

Side note: If you’re confused about what I’m talking about in regards to ‘wounds’ and ‘fragmentation’ then i urge you to check out Teal Swan on YouTube. She will explain these concepts in depth for any of you on the spiritual /healing path.

Going back to my point made earlier about emotion manifesting as ‘dis-ease’ in our physical bodies, i wanted to share a little about my personal life and experience in regards to disease (dis-ease, meaning, lack of ease in body).

If you aren’t familiar with another healing and spiritual guru – Louise Hay, i also urge you to check her out if you are experiencing physical symptoms in your body (and don’t understand where they are coming from or what they mean). I’ll explain why shortly. But.

In an earlier post (which i haven’t actually yet posted) i spoke about a condition i have recently been diagnosed with called ‘Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome’ (PCOS for short). It’s a condition that cannot really be cured, only dealt with through lifestyle and by listening to your body. It’s a condition involving the hormones and the endocrine system.. i won’t go in to detail here. However, some of the symptoms include developing hurtsuism…

Back to Louise Hay for a second, her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ (I’ve mentioned this many times) goes over all types of disease in the body, and gives you a mental/emotional explanation for it. Although PCOS specifically isn’t in there, hursuism is, and its explanation /’cause’ is ‘anger covered over’.

Hmmmm… very interesting, i thought. This seems totally relevant to me. And while the hursuism is a symptom of a condition, it is still something (in my case) that can come along for no apparent reason. I’ve always had the PCOS, but this hursuism is something that has progressively developed.

Coming from a background where i experienced a lot of anger growing up, particularly from males, i can see how i would have picked up on anger and felt anger myself towards people who have hurt me. Not so much anger in the sense of wanting to beat people up, but more inner, stifled frustration, of not being heard or seen, for not being regarded as important in anyway. The anger and frustration that comes with being rejected or ignored, or not chosen or not wanted or respected, for example. These are all just examples, but going back to when you are a young child (up to the age of 8, when you were most unconscious), these feelings you may have endured, whether they were obvious or very subtle, are difficult for a child to deal with, especially when those emotions cannot be expressed. The child keeps them tucked away and as a result that part of you (the part that is angry or frustrated) fragments off and we have to pretend we are okay, to please people around us or so that we can still be loved (because often its felt like we cannot be our true selves and be loved at the same time).

This is all very in-depth here. But what i’m really just wanting to get at, is being able to feel and release those emotions – the really difficult ones, like anger, is important.

Anger has always been a difficult one for me, since anger was always seen as a really negative thing that shouldn’t be expressed simply because of the negative role anger always played and how it impacted mine and others lives. Therefore, anger has always felt like a very bad thing that must be kept inside or else you are a ‘bad person,’ or something like that.

But that’s why i’m writing this, to tell you today that you cannot maintain this way of thinking about certain emotions if you are truly willing to rise above and transcend all of your past and move in to a higher frequency and level of consciousness. If you keep the anger living inside of you, unheard and untouched, you will forever be dragged down by it, all while it is just wanting to be heard and integrated. (you can think of your strong emotions as your inner child crying for your love and attention -it just wants to be felt).

So what on earth do you do with anger then?

That’s the thing I’ve been finding tricky, because its not like true anger ever really comes up. It’s more an ‘underneath’ emotion, often covered over by apathy or fatigue. This is why you’ve got to be very observant with the way you truly feel, often times there is reason for your unexplained apathy for life. Sometimes it’s because other emotion is being so suppressed, and because that other emotion is ENERGY, there’s no wonder you feel apathetic – you are not using the energy inside of you!

That’s why you need to find healthy ways to feel through those feelings. Very often you will be triggered. Someone will annoy you or hurt you in some way that will bring up feelings of anger and frustration. I simply urge you to feel those feelings as much as you can, sink in to them, get in to a quiet place and just allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Be with yourself through the experience.

Then ask yourself when the very first time was that you felt this same emotion. This is the part where you may be given an image or memory in your mind. Here is where you can reintegrate that part of you that fragmented, by being unconditionally present with how you felt in that memory. You now have the opportunity to be the parent for your child self, and be there validating whatever emotion is coming up by showing that you understand why they feel the way they do. This is what was never done back at that point in time where that part of you fragmented – you rejected the feelings in yourself and the adults around you did too. This is where it became trapped inside and never released. This is where you get the opportunity to go back and do this for yourself now, and transmute that energy in to its loving equivalent. I can assure you that you will feel so much better after taking the time to do this with any strong emotion that comes up for you in your life.

However, coming back now to the actual physical release of anger, it can be quite a tricky thing to know how to do. It’s quite a fiery energy. But i wanted to talk about it here because i suddenly had the urge to do boxing at the gym to release some of it! That’s not to say anger has to be released this way, it can be released in all sorts of ways, but boxing and physically expressing it is one way.

But i wanted to talk about this because going on to actually do the boxing, i felt awkward and weird truly letting out my anger in front of people because again, it felt wrong (subconscious patterning right there). There was a guy watching me for some reason, and he seemed scared almost, or shocked by me, a female, punching a bag. This was something i had to get over and continue to do anyway, in between nervous bouts of laughter as i did so, making out i wasn’t serious.

But the truth is i was serious! It felt good to do this type of physical activity, and my soul wanted it. Which is why i just wanted to say this to help any one else feeling in this weird situation.

You are allowed to express yourself! You are allowed to feel the worst and most painful, difficult emotions. You are allowed to be there for yourself through it. In fact, you must. It’s the only way to really grow past it.

Anger doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Unless you are hurting others, it is healthy to release this energy inside of you, however you feel is best at the time. I urge any one feeling this way to please follow their heart and soul with whatever it is calling for you to do. If the feelings are coming up to be felt, feel the feelings, allow yourself to do so. They are wanting to be integrated so that you can experience a greater level of consciousness and energy as a result!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or want any help with childhood/energy healing. I would love to assist where i can

until then, i will speak to you soon

love, bodylovemind. x

this is the same for any difficult emotion

so then you might be wondering how


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