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Be You

Been feeling kinda low

About myself, in a way

I wanna be DOING more

But I’m not quite sure how.

I feel low in my self

Down about my appearance to the world

Comparing myself to the greatest of people

Wondering how I’m ever gonna be like that.

The other side of me snaps me out of it. It always does.

I write to god and I tell him my fears

And although I am the one with the pen, the words come from another source.

He tells me to stop…

Stop judging myself all the time

To see the good and the love

The stuff that makes your heart shine.

But then I spin back around and what do I see?

A world I’m not happy with

People who don’t hear

A mind that doesn’t listen

A mind that jumps around from idea to idea

I want to see implementation

But am I just striving for the outcome?

I know the process takes time

So why do I feel so impatient?

Why does time always seem to be slipping through my fingers?

Where does the time even go?

I stand here and question my efforts

How am I possibly supposed to know?

But I know I will know what I need to know when I need to know it

But why does it seem to unclear!?

How am I possibly supposed to change another persons life, when all I see in myself is… disappointment … failing

You don’t fail!!! You try!

You always try…. you try.

You try


I try

I don’t want to stop trying

Sometimes I just want to give up!

But there is no option to give up.

All there is… is trying

But I’ll never stop

You won’t see me quit. Never.

I will try until I die

I will.

And I want to change another persons life

One second at a time

And I will change mine too…

And fully fucking shine.

I wish every day I could change

And for that reason I will

Keep trying keep trying

You are here for a reason

Be strong in your pursuit

Stand tall with your flaws

For they are here anyway

They are a part of you

Let them be

Just Be.

Be you

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