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Childhood – the times of our lives 

Childhood. The time when you were young, and most vulnerable to being influenced and taught by those you looked up to. Your parents, teachers, and friends for that matter, all played a roll, that in a lot of cases, still impact your life today. 

When I look back on my young little self, I feel compassion, and love for her. A lot of people might not see it in this way, but your fears, subconscious thoughts, doubts, worries, reactions to things etc, all tend to link back to your childhood, the past memories, the things you were taught back then.  

If you take a fear of yours (which can be any negative thought, feeling, reaction etc), and go back in time, the question is “where did this come from?”

I can still see in myself today the young child in me – eager to learn, to be loved, to be accepted. When I look back, I notice how this was the case for me a lot. I grew up with a father who made me feel stupid, and unintelligent, and would call me names. He was in a constant rage, very angry and seemed to show very little care or love for his family. However, I am one of the belief that we choose our parents. And we chose them to learn and recognise all that we’re meant to be. We are made to overcome and become pros at the things our parents didn’t do well. To ultimately learn lessons matched to their ‘weaknesses’. It therefore can often be easy to ‘blame’ our parents. To point a finger and say ‘you did it to me!’, but I believe that our parents only taught us what they knew – from their own parents and their own experiences. Every thing is linked. 

It’s the same with teachers and friends whom you interacted with as a child. Are there any limiting beliefs that still, on some level, subconsciously affect you now? Maybe your ‘friends’ at the time, or people you played with used to call you names? Maybe they ignored you, or would leave you out and gossip about you. Maybe they would act your friend one minute, then the next, act like you’re not their friend, you’re never gonna be their friend, and suddenly you felt abandoned and confused. With teachers, did you ever feel that your self worth was measured by your grades in school? Did your teachers ever tell you you weren’t ‘good’ at something? Maybe not to these exact words, but as children we pick up on it, and it can have the tendency to stay in our minds until we decide to forgive and let go of the limiting beliefs. 

Instead of placing blame on all the people in my early life, I am deciding to forgive those who hurt me, and see them as lessons that were crucial in my life in order for me to be where I am now. We all have pasts and they make up how you are today. Even now, every person you encounter, is a reflection of your inner self. 

Try looking back through your childhood today! See what limiting beliefs still hold you back!
Louise  💚
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