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Confidence / Anxiety in the Gym

Anxiety during the gym:



Self doubting


Stops you from wanting to workout at times

Feeling judged /& targeted idk how to put it

Confidence in the gym

It’s okay … not because saying “it’s okay” is simple, but because of a few things, it is okay and will be okay, because:

Everyone in there is there for their own reason. Probably to improve their health and fitness – you’d imagine. You belong, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t either.

And because no one was born in a gym not everyone is just “used” to the environment instantly. It can be nerve wrecking. For some more so than others. But particularly if you’re social anxiety prone, and feeling low in confidence.

Yet some, like myself, still have it a lot despite attending the same gym for 1-2 years.

It totally depends on the situation too.

Obviously at times you feel less anxious than others. Some times you feel good and confident and strong. But we’re trying to get to the parts when we’re not feeling confident, or anxious.

Pay attention to the situation around you; is there more people than usual? WHO is around you? What are they displaying back to you? Get in tune with your senses, you know? And while you’re at it transmute that energy in to your workout. Remember why you’re there…

Put some headphones in too, it helps you to stay more focused “in my opinion”

At the same time, you wanna have a plan of when you’re doing. Set yourself a workout to get through. And progress further each time you go in there.

But just remember, regardless of what happens and what the situation is, you CAN still do it

Be brave

You’re strong

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!