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DO what you know

I was thinking today about how much work it actually requires to become proficient, or even just capable, of weight training. Despite the fact that I am yet to become a personal trainer, I take my boyfriend to the gym with me every once in a while to see if I can workout with him. It doesn’t really usually go very well. Although I can clearly see where he’s not correctly performing the exercises, its difficult to know how to correct him. My boyfriend, not being in any way interested in weight training as it is, doesn’t help. You’ve got to want to learn. But it still made me realise all of the many hours of work that contributes to your ability and success when learning to weight train and build muscle.

I have taught myself right from the start about weight training. I love it with every sense of the word! I find it a very rewarding and fascinating sport. I just feel It would be amazing to actually be able to train another person – to show them how to do it.

I’ve had a few setbacks recently, due to injuries and shortfalls. It’s either been due to incorrect form, or simply just from straining the muscles from a lack of warming up (or something like that). It makes me feel very sad when I have an injury. I worry about never being able to workout again! But I know these setbacks are there for me to learn from. I have so much to learn. So much. It excites me and scares me all the same.

Since training, I’ve also learnt that people have very prominent opinions about the entire idea of weight training – especially when it comes to women who enjoy the sport. I wrote an Instagram post about it a few days back. I had someone say to me that I ‘mustn’t get too muscular for my body’. I was taken aback. Not insulted, just upset. I think it’s evident that I truly enjoy weight lifting, and it’s sad that people feel that their opinions should be the reason why I stop, or limit myself.

The bloody stars are the limit. Wait no, there is no limit.

Why should there be limitations to what you, a human being full of unlimited potential, can achieve. I really want to make that clear. If you can think of something, there is no reason why it cannot come in to form. There will ALWAYS be people with opposing opinions, and everyone will always know what’s ‘best’ for you. But only you know what is best for yourself. You have raw natural instincts, and an undeniable purpose waiting for you to pour your entire heart in to. Let your passion and purpose drive you every damn day. Listen to your body, your gut, your soul. It will lead and guide you, if you let it. I regret it every time when I’ve noticed my inner guidance tell me to do things – minor things – and I’ve ignored it. In the blink of a second you can choose to either follow or ignore your guidance. It’s definitely something we’ve all got to learn to do, but doing so can really bring a greater sense of trust and confidence in yourself. It’s about just doing the damn thing. You know deep down what you need to do and what is best for you. When opportunities come on to your path, JUMP on that thing. Just DO it.

I’ve said it before and ill say it again: you don’t have to know everything to do something. You’ve just got to DO what you know. The rest will honestly, truly come to you…

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