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Emotional Detachment

I take things to heart. I over think messages. I over think my messages. I over think the things i say, the way i am…. the way people are. But i know this is useless.

You see in other people the things in yourself. You block people emotionally with your lack of self worth.

So i just wanted to say to anyone out there who feels in a sticky situation like i always do: you have control. 

You can’t have control over every situation and how things play out, but what you can control is your thoughts. You are always somewhere on the emotional scale.

Stop dreaming girl. You are one with the universe. You are the creator of your universe. Love yourself and let go and you will see love everywhere. You are God in action.

You are in the control of the way you think and feel, the world is universal and insightful.
Despite how things are it doesn’t mean you cannot see the world with the eyes of a beautiful goddess female who is detached from the opinions of others.
You don’t need another persons approval when you have your own.

You love you and you are you and that’s all that matters.
If people wanna be in your life they will come in to your life, because you are a good person and there is no way that you are not a good person, and you can so literally get in to the continuous flow of always being at one with yourself and recognising your worth regardless of the situation, because you are not accustomed to anyone’s opinion, you are literally the sum of your own understanding and thoughts and you are worthy beyond belief.

You have a purpose on this planet and with that you must fulfil, because it is the way to enlightenment, so do the things that you love and don’t let anyone else get in the way of that. Have a relationship with yourself like no other and i promise your other relationships will thrive.
You are not a slave to anyone but you are the journeyer of your life, so see with your eyes and hear with your ears and use your emotions to guide you on the stream of life.

You are always flowing down stream to everything you desire. So Swing in the jungle don’t be attache to anyone or anything because you came here with nothing and you will leave with nothing.

You are an individual being with nothing to be attached to you. You are just you and no one else defines who you are or how you feel or what you do because it is down to you.

You can leave a situation and you can start again. Each new day is a start of a fresh new beginning and a new opportunity and everything unfolds the moment you set an intention for the day, and so what did i want today…
i want to feel creative and at one with myself, and i want to love myself the way other people don’t necessarily openly show me so that i have no void to fill so that people don’t feel like a burden in my life that annoy me when they don’t do things as i expect them to, because you cant have expectations – they only lead to disappointment.

So let go of expectations and flow in the life that is given to you every moment of every day and you will find joy, because joy is your natural birthright, there is no doubt about that.
You are simply joyful and full of life and people love you and you attract in your life the people and circumstances that are meant to be there which is simply beautiful, because you cant ever go wrong. All you need to do is control what you think about and make yourself feel better by choosing thoughts that always feel better than the thoughts from before, because then you are going up the emotional scale and will be able to conceive things from a new perspective.

You are innately you and that’s who you are meant to be,  remember how beautiful you are when you feel down and remember that you can always express yourself fully – don’t hold back.

You are the one with the power.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!