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Forgive your ex

Forgive your ex.

not for what they did or didn’t do

but for the experience

forgive that it didn’t work out the way you at first thought it would

forgive them for the lessons you shared together

forgive them for the time together

not out of lack but out of gratitude

thank them for the ability to forgive

forgive them

if things ended badly, forgive them

remember that you once loved them

know that love was sparked for a reason

a bond you two shared was real

the time you spent together, whether it be days or decades, was meant to be

the reason you are now apart is meant to be

you both live on and both take with you experience

lessons and a chunk of your journey

never to forget

but always to hold close to your heart

as a memory

like a photograph

a piece

to the puzzle of your life

never to be forgotten for it was a much needed piece

a piece that has so far paved the way

you wouldn’t be where you are or know what you know without the encounter, the experience, the love

so you forgive

because what’s done is done

what played now has terminated

which doesn’t mean it never happened

but calls for the means for new adventure

to see that THAT path has now ended

the road ahead is still there

but always remember

the little piece, the part they gave you of their heart

never to be forgotten

only to be forgiven

for their presence no longer being here with you today

for whatever reason that may be

forgive yourself.

send love


happiness x you’re worth it.

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