Go to Heaven

Lets just call this one: go to heaven.

Because I wanna go to heaven. But you see, heaven is already right inside of you!

You have a gift. Your unique talents go far beyond what  meets the eye. This is something I forget about myself at times, too. This is because its very easy to get caught up in the drama of our own thinking minds, that we forget the very present moment that is here 100% of the time. THAT present moment, is your heaven.

What i love about writing is that i can just allow it to flow. Things i could say bubble to the surface.

That’s the secret with blogging you just write what comes to your head 😛

You are allowed to speak your truth and express yourself creatively, because that’s what you are meant to do. You have creative talents that are waiting to be unleashed, but you hold them back by thinking you are scared and by worrying that you’re not good enough to do so, and by wondering what people will think.. but at the end of the way who even cares what they think because in reality everything outside of you is just something inside of you. There is no out there, it is all a reflection of your own inner world, believe it or not.

I have been reading and listening to a lot of audio-books and books recently about the law of attraction and manifesting and setting intentions and stuff. The thing that i have found that holds me back a lot is the subconscious imitations that are wired deeply within my mind that are controlling all the moves. When we feel fear and doubt and worry and we don’t know what to think we are tapping in to those fear based thoughts. It’s habitual though, because we have always done it, and fear is the one thing we are  brainwashed in to believing we should focus on.

But ever thought about the fact that the world is a kind loving place? This is a perspective i’m constantly trying to maintain. I wanna release all my negative limiting beliefs because i know its the way in which i am going to be able to become the person i know i can be. These are the obstacles we must face and conquer if we ever want to get anywhere. We all have them believe it or not, but that doesn’t have to mean we can’t overcome them. This is something i am learning to accept. Because it is cray to think i hold myself back! But i am sorry and i love you…

What is more necessary is coming back to a more neutral place of thinking. i very regularly get caught up in a negative thought pattern cycle. I literally feel it emerging. And you have a choice to either latch on to it or move past it by thinking a better thought.  This is the difficult part when things around you are not how you want them to be. But something i’ve very recently learnt is to say: i love you.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

It is part of the ho oponopono technique. I intend to learn more about this some day!

Say it all the time, whenever there are problems surfacing in your experiencing. Know that there is something within you causing them. Understand that you are unconsciously causing the problem and therefore by saying i love you, sorry and thank you, you are giving your power over to your higher self to clear and clean the negative energy and thoughts causing it.

love and light always


Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!