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How to reduce anxiety

I really feel that at times you just need to go outside in to a field and think out loud.
Truly express how you feel.

Those gut emotions. allow them to flow.
There is a releasing in doing so.
The anxiety you feel is something that needs to be felt and acknowledged. Sadly at times anxiety isn’t something you can just get rid of.
But i am a firm believer that getting outside and seeing things from a broader perspective, moving your body and being with the calm distant sound of nature, can alleviate the feelings and the intensity.

There needs to be a way that you can channel that energy, too. You may find that writing off the top of your head and allowing the words to flow helps you.
Or conversely you may find that running or working out allows you to release that tension.

Sometimes eating can also help with anxiety. I have often found recently that despite me generally eating a higher number of carbs, eating something fatty (healthy fats, like nuts) can help me feel a little better. On the contrary, some foods might even trigger anxiety. For example with me, today and last night actually, I ate some dark chocolate and my heart has not stopped racing! I was also unable to sleep last night.
I’m not sure if this is down to the chocolate totally, and obviously the things going on in my life are the reason I am experiencing anxiety. But it is definitely something you can take in to consideration.
If you ever notice an increase in anxiety after eating certain food, there may well be a correlation, no matter how strange it may be. Our bodies each work very differently and respond differently to different chemicals depending on whats going on in our bodies and minds.

Anxiety is typically the result of not ‘trusting the process of life’.

It’s when you are feeling apprehensive about a certain situation or a future outcome. It might also be about something you have to make a decision about, or something you are unsure about. It is a natural mechanism within us, which helps us determine whether we are safe and what not. But at the same time, it can be a disruptive element of some peoples life, because as i said, it’s not the easiest thing to get rid of or control

But what i do really feel, is that in some way it is connected to the thoughts you are thinking, and as i said, ‘trusting the process of life’. That’s why when i am overly anxious, saying to myself “i trust the process of life” can somewhat help. This is because it puts things in to perspective for me, and shows me that whatever happens, will happen. Either way, my life is unfolding exactly as its meant to, and no amount of worry, stress or anxiety about the outcome of things is really going to change anything, other than make you feel more fearful.

There is no need to fear your anxiety or feel as though it is this angry demon inside of you trying to control your life. You have to remember that you are divine loving energy, and that spirit is here to guide you. There is nothing out to hurt you, only a perception of this. When people say ‘anxiety attack’, it makes it sound as though anxiety is something outside of you that is trying to intentionally cause you harm. But if we can look at it from a more compassionate and balanced perspective, we can see that it is all inside of us.
Anxiety is like an emotion, just like love or anger. Anxiety is like our uncertainty arising within us. It is the trust we do not see when we look at the broader perspective of our lives. But anxiety is simply a sign that we are not thinking thoughts which are for our highest selves. We are instead allowing the ego within us to take control of our emotions and feel that we are in some way endangered. This is why i feel that going out for a walk can totally set you free from this mental battle we find ourselves in, so that we can look at everything with a clearer mind, and listen to things around us rather than just our own thoughts.

I know that whatever you’re going through serves as a lesson or a blessing. As long as you focus on your higher self, and see your anxiety as a companion and a way your body and mind is processing things around you, you can take back your power and learn to channel that energy and/or visualise the way you would love things to work out. Try to focus on the best that could happen, rather then the worst. Yet either way, try not to place too much expectations on things, because you don’t know exactly how things will work out. Just know that either way, it will be for the greater good for all. You are, loving energy, after all.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!