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I have faith 🌟

You learn something new every day. The universe is constantly responding to your thoughts, actions and words. Things pop up, resistances, emotions, people, moments of tension, fear etc etc. They all mean something. And they can all be witnessed by you either through fear, or through love, as Gabby Bernstein puts it. 

I’ve recently read Gabby Bernsteins new book – ‘The Universe has your back’. It’s altered my perspective and has provided me with affirmations and loving thoughts to implement in to my life, in times of uncertainty and fear. She also gives examples of how the Universe speaks to us in mysterious and unexpected ways. 

Since listening to the audio version of this book, I’ve noticed in my own life, The Universe speak to me. I’ve noticed how my life is in a constantly state of reaping and sowing. I’ve noticed that every cloud has a silver lining. I’ve also noticed that if you’re patient enough to believe it, the universe is literally responding to your every thought. 

An example of this was actually the reason I FINALLY started blogging. 

I’d been wanting to for several years now. It never occurred to me until after I finished school and sixth form that I was actually quite good at writing – and that I enjoy it! I always used to envy the girls who wrote blogs, wondering how on earth they did it …🤔 I finally made up several WordPress accounts about a year ago now. I say several because I had to keep restarting because I forgot my username, or password, or the email I used etc. I used to start writing up blogs on Microsoft word, to leave them waiting pointlessly in a random folder on my desktop – until one day I dropped my laptop and sadly, the hard drive just completely stopped working! I lost everything! That was the end of that laptop.

Anyway… I randomly decided to download the WordPress app on my phone a little while ago, and made up a blog under my Instagram name – bodylovemind. I would write on my to-do list all the time: “write a blog”. I never did it.

Until the other day. 

I was sat in the fields, on my rest day, in a meditative state, thinking about what I could do to put forward my thoughts to the world, alongside my instagram. In that moment, the word “blog” was said to me. It was like a deep inner knowing. I heard it, out of nowhere. It suddenly all rushed back to me, I remembered the random times when WordPress had opened on my phone without me even clicking on it. It was like a sign. I was being directed, I just knew it!

I got out my phone immediately, and wrote my first blog. 

I also misplaced my phone the other day, along with my bank card, provisional licence, cash, and every other memory and photo saved on the phone. Half an hour later when I realised it was gone, I rang the phone to find it had been switched off. I called the shop it had been left outside, dialled 101 to ask if anything had been handed in to the police, and rode all the way back to the place I last had it in the middle of the night. Nothing. 

The following day I informed my bank of my lost card, rung Waitrose again, and went to the police station to again ask if they’d had anything handed in. Again, nothing. Later that day I reported the phone as stolen to the police. They said they’d be in touch with the council to check the CCTV cameras. I felt slightly more at ease after the stressful couple of days and was able to relax.

The next morning, I woke up to a Facebook message request from a name I was not familiar with. Upon opening the message, I was stunned to read that a women had found my phone in her daughters bedroom!! I was over the moon. I AM over the moon. I am forever thankful to this woman. 

The thing I remember is that i had belief I’d see it again. All hope was not lost. I prayed for the highest good for all. I realised that this was a bump in the journey. Despite being stressed and sad and anxious about another person having my phone, I decided to keep faith. 

I have faith.

I believe in miracles. 

Thank you Gabby Bernstein for writing this incredible book. And thank you universe, for having my back. 🙂 
Louise x 

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