I Love Spirituality 

I love spirituality. I love the energy, the love, the joy, the support that is always there. 

When I was younger, religion and God were nothing but terms to me, just another thing you had to learn in school. I guess I’ve always felt a little lost, just a bit ‘weird’ to a lot of people, pushed to the outside, never really knowing how to connect with people who do nothing but gossip. Until I found my love for fitness, and actually realised I was my own person, no longer did ‘fitting in’ matter. In fact I feel blessed to have never ‘fitted in’ to standard social expectations. 

Now, I’ve been learning a little about spirituality – my spirituality, my Being. 

To me, it is the best friend I never had. The truest, most loyal, comforting, supportive, loving ‘thing’, right there inside of me. I’ll never quite be thankful enough, for the insight I have stumbled across and have gained, despite my upbringing. I’ve learnt I am a creative, open minded, strong, kind individual, living a human experience in my body, which I care for profoundly. I’ve learnt that all the answers are inside of me. Seeking non existent external acceptance and happiness is slowly being replaced with loving thoughts of worth, strength, and knowing, that I CAN do what I desire. No body can tear me away from my roots.

Because you see, your thoughts, are seeds. Your mind, is the fertile ground. Those thoughts grow! And are eventually manifested in the outside world. This life is full of negativity, gossip, drama, and fear.. the opposite of love. It’s easy to pick up on these negative vibrations… that’s why you should tend to your garden. Replenish it daily with loving words, affirmations and make sure you’re not beating yourself up.. and instead are BUILDING yourself up. 

I love spirituality, for all that it is. I am thankful daily of the life I live, for my past and for every little aspect in between. I hope one day I inspire people to see the greatness which lies innately within them… which is within everybody … who believes it! 

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