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I want to help people with fitness

It’s day 2. Yesterday was day 1. I wanna see if i can write a blog every day for a week. I set a 45 minute timer and BOOM start writing.

Really, I’m doing this not only to practise my writing skills, but also to test my discipline. I wanna actually follow though with this! I wanna share my ideas with the world, and blogging alongside Instagram and YouTube allows me to do this!

Discipline is such a major key component in life. Discipline to get yourself to do and follow through with the things you really don’t feel like doing. Because when you can master this you end up doing things you didn’t think you would or could! And the return on that is way more significant then giving in your urges to just skip the task or give up.

It applies to everything in life. Anything good that you could do requires a sacrifice of some sort. I can go on to relate this back to the fitness side of things because it is what i am very dedicated and disciplined to doing… but I always feel i do this. And although it is one thing telling people that they NEED to stay committed to a fitness goal they set out to do, by following through every day, i want to be the person who can actually HELP people with the fitness goal.

If you don’t know me or follow me on Instagram, then I just thought I’d let you know again that i live for fitness – fitness being strength training, and muscle building. I love it. I believe I am meant to be the strongest me!! But recently I was banned from filming in my home gym… wanna know why? Because a group of middle aged men started complaining about my existence there and also because i was filming myself.

Now filming myself in the gym was once something i was very scared to do, and it was once a fear i had to conquer and overcome by just DOING it by blocking out my fear of what people might think of me. And i did it!!! I was proud, and it served me well. I started filming not only to check my form when doing crucial lifts like squats, but also to post to Instagram to help people online!

BUT that all came to a halt when these men came along and started having a random, rather intense dislike towards me. You know, these men actually made me cry several times when i was in that gym. I felt victimised. They would all group up and talk behind my back, and stalk my social media, shout at me and get f**king aggressive towards me, alongside the complaints. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because I was a female lifting heavy in the gym? Something that I feel, is often regarded as a thing only men should be doing. In a way, it’s kinda feminism (a girl on Instagram told me this and said i should raise awareness of it by writing about it, well i’m doing that now! But it is another topic). I was the person in all of it though who was “punished” by being told i can’t film and i had to delete all of my videos that i had already created on my Instagram, in order to remain a member.. or else they will take away my membership. Even filming when there is no one else is in the gym was suddenly something i am no longer allowed to do!

Anyway, my inability to film my workouts for my followers really makes me feel limited and like i’m lying to people when I go on about fitness and having to just do it even when you don’t feel like it. But in reality it’s truth. I don’t always feel like it at all. But i always always always show up. Filming though is great content in itself, especially when i am always practising to get better at the exercises i do. “why don’t you change gyms?!” you might be thinking. Well, it’s complicated. I would, but a part of me really doesn’t want to. I have always loved that gym and it’s by far the most convenient for a girl who rides a bike AND i am going to be moving somewhere far, far away any time soon anyway.

So until i can film again (either i am forced to move gyms or i move), i still really want to help people with fitness! Because the pictures of my body that i post online is far more than just pictures. Having a film i feel actually shows people how my body looks, and it shows people how i get the body i have, and the things i do day in and day out – which isn’t easy or even fun a lot of the time.

But i had this miraculous idea the other day about things i COULD start doing, which is making videos of me answering fitness questions I have received in the past. Because I have had a few, and although whenever I ask people to ask me questions, no one really asks, I seem to get them randomly hear and there. And from actually listening to what these people wanna know, i have gathered that i can answer them, in the hope that more questions will come as a result.

I know this blog as been a bit of a ramble and I’m sorry about that, but my discipline with it so far has proceeded 2 days (yay). I wanted to also just tell you guys why I no longer film in this current time period, and that soon i will be again. I also just wanted to say again that practise and discipline will get you where you wanna be. You have got to be persistent. I say that a lot because it’s true – there is no one word easy route answer to achieving something worthwhile and amazing!

Any how, i wanna know some questions you have about fitness. I will be posting this on my Instagram etc. a bit more when i actually start uploading videos of me answering questions to get the ball rolling a bit, but until then if you’re reading this or have got this far through, you get a head start 😉

Thank you though for reading guys. I will talk tomorrow!! And remember to keep persistent with all of your desires… there is no other formula quite like a good bit of persistence.

Louise x

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