What does it mean to be inspired?

‘In spirt.’ Talking from the heart. Recognising how you feel, and allowing the words to pour exactly as they’re meant to. Allowing your spirit to take the lead. Being present in-spirit. Inspired. Inspiring.

What inspires you though? What causes the inspiration to exist?

Nothing ‘causes’ it to exist. It already exists inside everybody. What needs to come about is the willingness to be present with it. To listen. To watch. To learn. To experience the unfolding of spirit. Spirit is everywhere. Anything can initiate that ‘inspiration’. Inspiration is not a means to an end though, it is on going and you can find it anywhere, in anything. There are no limits, only the limits of your own mind.

We as humans like to complicate things. But sitting down and writing what comes to your head can act as a simple mechanism to fire up your inspirational side. Because you have thoughts. Hundreds and thousands of thoughts every single day, every single minute even. Putting them out there and seeing what comes up can amaze you. You don’t even realise the spirit inside of you until you let it free and allow yourself to become engulfed by it.

It makes me happy. It feels joyful in my heart when I think of inspiration, spirit, and the soul. The universe is in and around you, all day, all night. There is never a time when you are disconnected from it – literally. The only disconnect you feel is your own perception. You are your very own block. We get in our own way, by trying to control. But you can never control something so vast, so exceptional, so incredible, so amazing. Nothing can compare to source energy. The guidance, the love.

That’s why we have to get in touch with it daily. Allow words to flow. Allow thoughts to come up. Allow feelings to arise. They are all spirit. Although we are not our words, thoughts and feelings. We are so much more beyond that. But I think writing, talking and listening to your feelings gives you a glimpse of how aligned you are truly feeling. Because alignment doesn’t feel depressed, and unworthy, and anxious, and fearful. That is our ego. Our false perception of how life should be, or how we worry it will be. The spirit within us is only love, peace and clarity. It is an open door. A warm embrace. The candle that never dims.

Don’t dim your own candle.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!