Just flow

Every once in a while we get a little stuck. A little low. A little bit kinda confused.

But confusion… is just the complete and utter opposite of clarity.

Clarity, on the other hand, is like alignment, with God, with knowing, with FAITH.

But we walk on by anyway.

Have you ever been wondering around a beautiful field, the sun shining brightly, the heat so hot you can breathe it in.., you’re catching those rays. Soaking them up, sweating a little. There’s a slight breeze. Just enough to cool you to an extent.

I go to this place weekly, to get in touch with God. I aspire everyday to live from that place of faith, of knowing.

And as you walk around, your mind wonders freely too.

As long as you keep the phone out of your hand, you can be so present with the nature, yet so attentive to your thoughts. You can see them all passing through. You can observe them. Notice your negative thinking habits, and correct them on the spot. You can gain divine insights from source.


Inspiration shoots in to your mind.

Sometimes it leaks in. Sometimes it takes its time.

You get all sorts of ideas. Things you wanna do. And you wanna just take action straight away!!

But then you realise you have to leave the fields. You have to go back to the life you want to change. You go back to the routine which kind of seems to prevent you from doing the things you wanna do.

Because there never seems to be enough time!

Why is that? Because there is enough. I get 24 hours per day just like everyone else. It’s all in my mind it;s all in my mind. I know this.

But i just want my creativity to launch itself in to the sky like a fcking rocket! I want to literally live through my soul. I want to live from my heart. I want to move people in a way they’ve never been moved before. So unique, yet so…. clear. So simple. So pure. So authentic.

I just want it to feel like I have control.

I just want to see the time i have, and set myself things to do.

I want to get rid of all distractions in my life.

I wanna de-clutter my heart and my mind and my soul and my ROOM and my mind… so i can see clearly. I see clearly sometimes… but sometimes it gets so murky. Sometimes it’s cloudy out there in the fields.

The clouds always come back. They have to. Its the process of life, right?

Just flourish off of the unknown.

Just dive deep in to your heart and let it flow.

Forget about perfection… and expectations… because i swear, it is the killer of happiness and productivity

Amen, to that!

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!