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Just write what comes to mind

It’s day 4.

All I can think to talk about is being yourself online.

This world is crowded with beautiful faces, but so many of the faces are covered by masks – masks of ‘average’ – masks of just being okay enough to fit in. Masks to cover whats beneath. Masks to hide from themselves even!

That’s why showing your true face, by speaking what you feel and sharing with the world your TRUTH, and expressing yourself authentically, is something you should… do! I guess?

I mean why not? Why? Literally, is there a reason not to?

I get it, people might judge. People might laugh, make fun behind your back, find you weird. But are these people even being authentic and true to themselves? Or are they just wearing a mask too?

You’ve got to think from a perspective of doing it for YOU. Because you’re gonna develop yourself as you carry on practising and discovering more of who you truly are, and by sharing it online you can look back one day and see how much you’ve developed – mentally, physically, whatever the case may be.

I wanna speak my truth. I wanna find out more of what my truth is! That is why right now I am writing this blog. I want to speak from my heart and on to the keyboard, because my thoughts are valuable and they matter, regardless of whether or not anyone even reads this!

but I’m feeling kinda stuck right now about what I should write so i’m just gonna keep typing and see what happens. Okay so i am sat in my garden it is sunny and beautiful and warm and i just feel like maybe i will just post this regardless of the fact that it’s a load of ramble, but you know it’s like, this my space to write and share you get me? so why does it need to be sculpted in to something just to suit others. I mean this is quite a confusing topic in my head as it is because I’ve been sat here thinking like why am i trying to inspire people to talk freely online when what i wanna do is help people with fitness? i feel like my truth is barely linear and straight just fitness because i wanna help people become stronger and confident and fearless and open minded and able to do the things they wanna do – just like i wanna do for myself really! I have given myself a challenge of writing a blog for a week to see how it goes because i wanna improve my writing skills, and to do this i need discipline to just make myself sit down and do it because when i am writing and i feel kinda stuck for what to say it makes it incredibly difficult to know what to say which is why i’m just writing…..

OK great I just ended up procrastinating on my phone for the past 10 minutes. Damn i hate it when i do that. I do it to avoid things.When i feel mentally stuck. It’s a habit .  I barely even think about it when i do it, and even when the little voice inside my head calls me to put it down i carry on anyway and think “meh its okay i’ll get off in a minute”.

But then i don’t. For several minutes. See now I’m just going back to the whole topic of phone addiction and why? I don’t know because its present in my life!!

Anyway, as you can probably tel i’ve struggled quite a bit with todays blog. But what i have to remember, is the fact that i have still tried. I still showed up, and tomorrow is a new day for me to have another go! Our thoughts are endless, limitless. That’s why sharing them and writing them online has been a game changer for me.

Also when you judge another person it is an unhealed part of yourself. It is a reflection of you judging you. And so i just wanna apologise for ever judging people because it is not my truth, it is not productive it is not interesting it is not how i wanna be. and so i’m sorry. Each to their own!! Everyone in their own right is entitled to speak as they please. And so do i. i no longer allow myself to be limited by my wrong doings because i choose to forgive myself and move on.

Who’s moving on with me?

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!