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Make Every Day Count 📚

Make every day count. It’s all I can say. So it’s nearly almost half way Ish to being the middle of October, soon to be my 20th birthday (the 16th) and almost the end of the year… just November and December, is that all that’s left after this month?! I was shocked. A year, already gone again! It goes by so fast, soon it’ll be Christmas… I’m not a massive fan of Christmas (another topic). Time flies basically. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity of this topic, but plain and simple, time is a concept that doesn’t exist, we have infinite time. It’s just a concept about life but really, it’s out of our hands, we can’t turn back our own clocks (I’ve thought of doing this many times) – the whole world would be ahead of you 😂 so what I’m saying is please, I’ve let the time really get to me in the past and at times it still does… every day seems to fly! But this is why “making every day count” is so important.. because in the long term, you’ll have made significant progress. Every day is a day to learn something new, and to be thankful for the day and for your life ✌🏼️😊🍃

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