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My tried ways to deal with stomach pain/bloating

Hi Guyzzz,

So, if you don’t know me already, then I have been having some stomach issues. A lot of pain, bloating, and things along those lines.

It’s been a struggle, and it’s been going on for quite some time. I still haven’t worked out what it is exactly, but I have been trying a few things to see if they help.

So, I’m gonna share the things I have been trying out, and hopefully, maybe, they may help you too. I’m not sure if these things are just alleviating my symptoms, because I’m not specifically sure what the under lying problem is.

To work that out I think it may be beneficial to do a food test, to see if I’m allergic/intolerant to any foods. If I ever do one I will let you know the outcome!


This is what I’ve tried:

Cutting out yogurt

So, a little while back, I was experiencing some BAD stomach pains whenever I ate yogurt. I gradually started to believe I was lactose intolerant. However, the symptoms went away, and yogurt was suddenly fine to eat again. BUT, obviously, as they always do, the symptoms returned. And so out has gone the yogurt again. (which is sad because yogurt is lovely).

However, to my surprise, the symptoms have not gone as a result of this this time, which clearly indicates it’s something else. But I thought it was still worth sharing this since initially it did once help.

Apple Cider Vinegar

But, there is another thing I have tried which is definitely worth mentioning. Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to aid with digestion and is full of enzymes and vitamins which help to re-balance and detoxify your body. I have started consuming around 18ml in hot water with honey and sometimes lemon, for the first thing I drink after waking up.

I really actually like the way It’s been making me feel. It’s as though you can literally feel it cleaning you from the inside out, just from the feeling it gives you internally. I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND this. Seriously. Try it! Although it hasn’t cured me, the benefits are definitely present.

Changed my protein powder

So for as long as I have been weight training, I have used MyProtein’s Impact Whey.

However, I was told by somebody that oftentimes your body can start to reject the protein you use, especially if you’re eating too much. There is such as thing as too much of something. And so, I took this on board. I realised that my consumption had in fact increased, and my symptoms were only getting worse.

Upon a little google searching, I found that a combination of both pea and brown rice protein ensures that all of the essential amino acids necessary for the protein to be digested properly, is present in these two when they are combined. In other words, they fill in the gaps for each other. I knew already that Whey Protein powder usually has all of the amino acids available within it, and so I was determined to find a pea and brown rice protein powder without any sweeteners or dodgy ingredients.

Although a completely plain type isn’t particularly nice, I found a peanut butter flavour one from Vive, on Amazon. It may be slightly harder to mix with porridge but it feels so, so much cleaner and easy to digest than the whey protein. it feels natural. With nothing added to it other than peanut flower. I’d highly recommend this as I’ve found from eating this my symptoms have really decreased in intensity.

If you do have a lot of whey protein then I’d recommend trying out a different type, or brand, or a different protein source.

Whey protein is essentially just dried milk. And like with the yogurt, maybe too much dairy can have negative effects. Especially when you have a sensitive stomach.

Changed my pre-workout food

So, for a little while I had started eating a bowl of cereal before the gym. A bowl of cereal, consisting of milk, and shreddies, or whatever other cereal you enjoy, is also a source of protein and fat, as well as the carbs, because of the milk. And I don’t know about you, but I am definiyely more of a carbohydrate type of person. I thrive on carbs, compared to fats and proteins which can have the tendency to make me feel overly sluggish and lacking in energy.

I have therefore found that consuming some plain rice cakes, or rye cakes, Ryvita’s or anything along those lines, is more than enough (along with a banana too).

I feel as though it’s made me feel a lot better, because before I was going in to the gym feeling awful after eating too much and clearly eating too much of the wrong things. I was going in there feeling very lethargic and sick. However, cutting out the extra milk and sticking to some plain, clean carbs has helped and I don’t feel the same way.

Some people probably don’t even eat anything before the gym at all, but if you do, try swapping it up and consider whether you run better on carbs or proteins and fats.

Changing milks

Another thing I have been doing is swapping my milk. Oat milk, almond or soya, as opposed to dairy, depending on the shop I buy from, feels a lot easier to digest. I prefer it now!

Although I have listed a few things here, I’m unsure exactly what specially it is that has helped. But either way I am happy with the decrease in my symptoms.

If any of this has helped then let me know. Or, if you have any suggestions of your own in regards to bloating and stomach pain then let me know!! It’s always useful to know what to do in situations of bad stomachs – they are not nice.

Until next time!!

Louise x

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