Rewiring Your Mind for Success


A practical and comprehensible guide about the mind. Within this section you will learn a little about the mind, how it works, and how you can master it to work in correspondence with your desires.

You will learn about:

– The Conscious and Subconscious Mind
– The ‘Ego’
– Meditation
– Your ‘Why’
– Forming Desired Habits
– Questions to Ask Yourself (Related to Diet and Exercise)
– Getting to The Root of The Problem
– Different Thinking Habits to Inherit

This is supposed to be used in conjunction with the main eBook ‘The Starting Point’. It will help you to implement the things you learnt by regarding the mind as a valuable tool to help you visualise what you want and how you can actually do it, physically and mentally.

I created this because I feel the mindset you have plays a fundamental role in the overall success of your desired fitness goals. Working on just the body is only the half of the story! And I want you to be able to develop in to your all-round strongest self. This begins with the thoughts you choose to buy in to, the way you think about things and yourself, and most importantly why you’re even doing it in the first place! When these things are set in stone and you are looking after your mentality, then you will generate the results you are after by converting your knowledge about how the mind works in to the physical equivalent.

Remember: The body follows the mind!

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