The Squat Challenge


The New Squat Challenge

The ‘Squat Challenge’ has been designed to help you build and grow your legs using the Squat alongside various other exercises. This programme is 12 weeks in total and is structured in a way that will help you to make real changes in your lower body composition/aesthetic through the use of 3 different training styles: endurance, strength and hypertrophy.

Each 4-week training protocol is designed to prepare you for the next. Each week in the training phase will progress with volume/intensity, with a slight regress on the 4th week in preparation for the next training phase.


This program consists of:

  • 12 weeks of leg workouts (3 a week), structured in a progressive ‘step-loading’ style to keep you from plateauing and to create progress
  • 3 training style phases
  • Core workouts incorporated
  • 24/7 email support


Train like BodyLoveMind to transform your lower body!

Ever wondered how people manage to create such a noticeable change in their legs? Its true, you can do countless reps and sets but still never really feel like you’re getting anywhere or making any true progress…

This can be frustrating, but truly our legs are incredibly strong and therefore require a fair bit of stress to adapt.

Think about it – we walk around all the time and we have done since we were tiny! They are strong to support the whole body. As well as this, our muscles in our legs are some of the biggest in the body (the glutes and quads to name a few).

To really get those babies to grow, not only do they need regular work, but they also need to be strengthened and worked using a range of techniques (depending on your main goal). For someone (like yourself) wanting to increase muscle and definition down there, we need to be working with a fair amount of weight, progressively, to ensure the muscle fibres are being stimulated to grow. From my personal experience, squats were the main exercise in my achievement of not only strength gains but also visible leg muscles.

Its no good to be working with nothing but light weight and body weight if you are wanting to achieve such a goal. However, that being said, I do find that endurance training (which will be the first phase of the program) is good for not only ‘toning’ your body but also increasing your cardiovascular fitness, which is going to be beneficial when working with more weight. For this first phase, you will be working with lighter weight or body weight, to get you used to working with your own weight alone. From there we will build you up so that you’re lifting more weight but for less reps throughout the ‘strength’ phase, which will pull you through to the hypertrophy phase in which you will work with mid-range reps to help stimulate the muscles you wanna see poppin!

Bare in mind that this is only a lower body programme. I strongly recommend that you incorporate this programme with upper body days, too. (P.S. an upper body program to match this one will be available on my website soon!)

Although this is advised, you can still do the programme on its own, but please understand that due to a weaker upper body you may not be able to lift quite as much when squatting as someone who has got a strong upper body. But this is fine nevertheless, you will still make changes and see results by following this programme.


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