The Starting Point


You and I both, know the feeling… the feeling of wanting to change your body, your health or just your general fitness.

But something holds you back. You find that the repetitive cycle of trying and quitting never comes to an end. When your efforts never seem to amount to anything, it’s no surprise you find yourself giving up so quickly!

Changing the way your body looks and feels may FEEL like a dream way out of your reach. But the way you feel right now is natural and normal. I promise you that most people who have gone on to change their lifestyle, were once in this position, too.

But it’s never out of your reach. And the fact that you’ve even landed on this page suggests you have the desire to change. And that desire is the very beginning of your journey.

You may have questions buzzing around in your mind, or simply no questions at all. But everything seems to lead you back to the same place. It’s damn frustrating, to say the least!

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and sighed with disappointment?

It’s all too common.

But it’s also way too easy to continuously ‘give up’ when things don’t seem linear and/or working. And if you are one of many who don’t ever get past this ‘giving up’ stage (where you subconsciously end up believing nothing works or you can’t be bothered), then this eBook is FOR YOU.

What you need is to just GET STARTED.

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The Starting Point was produced with those who endlessly struggle with fitness in mind.

The most prevalent challenge, for myself, and others I knew, was always staying disciplined, motivated and consistent, and as a result, ever actually getting started with fitness (to the point where change could take place).

When you feel lost and don’t know what to do, there are so many different stories and methods and things you can buy, that claim to get you fit, or help you lose weight. But if you’re one of many who don’t actually experience results this way, I wrote this E-book because I discovered that leading a healthy and fit lifestyle doesn’t need to be so complicated. You can have goals, but really what it comes down to is the consistent effort, backed by your faith and belief in yourself. These ‘quick fix’ methods can leave you making excuses, and thinking you’re not capable because the results you get are either non-existent or aren’t in anyway sustainable or enjoyable.

Exercise and living healthily should be an enjoyable and rewarding way of living. The benefits are countless, your confidence and sense of self appreciation can skyrocket. It doesn’t in anyway ever need to feel punishing. You are looking after your body because you love it and want it to be the strongest it can be. And even if that isn’t your goal, you can’t ever deny knowing how good it feels to know you have physical health strapped under your belt, or you know you’ve fed your body well and/or given it some exercise.

It never occurred to me at the time that your mentality plays such a fundamental part in your abilities to stay fit and healthy, too. Your thoughts and excuses are the reasons why you don’t exercise or feel worthy of change. The thoughts you speak to yourself, which, are very often subconscious, impact you more than you realise.

I used to believe I was addicted to unhealthy food. I used to believe I couldn’t exercise regularly enough to the point where I actually saw results. But these beliefs only ever transpired in to the physical equivalent.

I was more focused on all the things I didn’t like about myself, instead of using my energy to go and workout or make better food choices. I remained wallowing in my own self-pity as I continued to feel trapped within the body I was so unhappy with, simply because I didn’t go ahead and do the things that would help me.

People often look to motivation for their source of drive. But motivation fluctuates naturally from day to day! Relying on motivation alone is therefore unlikely to be the factor that gets you from point A to point B. But i know YOU CAN improve your health and fitness. It’s all inside of you, girl (or boy).

‘The Starting Point’ is made up of 3 main sections: Exercise, Diet and Mentality.

In each of the 3 sections I will talk about various topics and problems you may encounter or want to know more about, each one relating to either exercise, diet or mentality.

What you will learn:


– The Importance of Setting Goals, Having A Purpose and Staying Consistent
– How to Overcome the Obstacle of Not Having Gym Access
– Overcoming Problems with Fat Loss: HIIT’s, LISS, Cardio, and Muscle Building
– The Metabolism
– The Fear of Looking ‘Masculine’
– Using Weights – Everything You Need to Know as A Beginner – Rep Ranges, Choosing Weights, Compound Vs Isolation, Progressive Overload, Plateaus, Circuit Training
– Exercises You Can Do With or Without Weight to Build Muscle and Lose Fat


– The 3 Main Macronutrients – Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat – What Foods to Pick
– How to Avoid the Mistakes A Lot of People Make When Buying Food
– Sweeteners, Chemicals, GMO and the Effects They Have on Our Minds
– What to Snack On
– Protein Shakes
– Eating Before and After the Gym
– Fit Tea’s, Weight Loss Pills and Why You Need to Avoid Them


– Overcoming the Frustrating Habit of Giving Up – Developing the Routine of Exercising Regularly
– Staying Committed, Consistent and Believing You Can
– Why Self-Love and Acceptance is Crucial for You to Make A Change
– Letting Go of the Opinions of Others
– Seeing the Problem for What It Is
– Your Mental Attitude and Subconscious Beliefs – How They Manifest in to Your Outside World
– Accepting Your Imperfections


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