Stay Open

Stay open minded to all that you can be and all that you know you will be.

If you keep on TRYING…

…and trying and trying.

And learning.

And exploring.

And trying and doing and being.

And back your desires with with faith… an undeniable faith,

I see no reason why you cannot become all that you know you can be.

Are you open? Open to the realm of possibilities that, if you were to break free from your certainty – your comfort zone – you’d be able to expand and grow in abundance and in infinite possibility. Because certainty only brings doubt and fear and anxiety – because how can you ever truly be 100% sure of anything? You can’t rely on certainty when certainty barely exists. You get the anxiety when you realise time and time again that you really don’t know everything.

Everything’s always changing. But you have control over what you can do in each moment, in each day.

And with each small step that takes place, whether it be good or bad

…well, what is even defined as good or bad? Situations are situations. You’ve gotta think of them in that way – they are neutral. And you’re gonna over come them

Just like you overcome a squat in the gym

you go for it… you go for it anyway.

You try.

You just do it

Each rep, each step, at a time.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!