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Stop with the excuses

You need to just stop with the excuses
You are your only block!

You’re the one thing stopping you from changing everything for yourself

You need to stop focusing on things that don’t serve you in anyway. Things that aren’t relevant.

You’re pouring all your energy in to the excuses! Can’t you see??
What good does it do? It does none, because it just keeps you stuck where you are

You aren’t able to go forward when you are allowing the voice in your head to stop you from moving. You are not able to move when you allow yourself to be chained to your excuses!!

Excuses are only there because it is difficult or you can’t be bothered or it’s scary

But do you not think that anything that is worth doing is going to be difficult??
Otherwise, it would be easy. And everyone would do it. And you would have done it by now! See you know this stuff already. You KNOW what you have to do.

So why don’t you take the action?
Why can’t you be bothered?
What is making you feel this way?
Is it that you don’t actually care about changing??

No of course not. But you only care when it’s convenient for you

I’m sorry though, but you cannot build something in a day. It won’t happen when you just do a few things that are easy and un-stressful here and there. You have to go all in and do the things you also don’t feel like doing. Because yes, nothing is going to happen if you don’t. But all that will happen, is that you will remain the same. You will remain in the same position to the one you are in right now. Only difference is, time passes, and as time passes you can carry on making the excuses. You CAN. It’s so easy to do so.

But wait a minute… excuses are easy… in a way
They get you out of the situation and temporarily it feels good
It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy

But when it comes down to it, you’re actually just going against yourself

You’re going with the excuses
You aren’t doing whats right for you
You aren’t listening to your gut…

So yes, while it may be scary and difficult, it doesn’t have to be a case of you betraying yourself

You can pick yourself out of the slump of worry and fear and just plain excuses

Just try

For me, for you, for the greater good for all

Because your lack of trying is only a disservice to everyone and everything
– and obviously most predominantly yourself

Why would you wanna do that?

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