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I just wanna type because that’s all i ever seem to be doing nowadays
But i love it. I enjoy writing
More than i used to
So you know what? I’m gonna just write some kind of a story…

Sapphire strong, the female superman. The woman of strength. Of wonder and of fearlessness. She heads to the courtroom as she rests her case. She’s been attacked again. Another man out to get her. They want her powers. They hate seeing such a strong female taking over the world. But still, they can’t help but watch in awe, as she lifts 400lbs off the ground. Effortlessly. Her muscles booming, her body respiring. Her eyes steady and focused. Not a glimpse of pain crosses her face. Just sheer determination, and a glow from the heat. Her legs tremble as they grow – bigger, better stronger – taking on the weight every day. Her hands sting as they bleed. But still, you can see in her eyes the commitment. Her undeniable determination to prove these motherfuckers wrong! No one, not anyone will stand in her way.

A woman like this? She has a mission. If it takes all of the energy left inside of her, there is no way this mission could ever go unfinished. Til the day she dies, her body, mind and soul will work to become everything she is capable of. She wants to empower those around her. She wants to uplift as she lifts. She plans to transform the world around her. Where did this powerlessness she sees among her long gone peers emerge from?

She looks around at the shattered dreams before her. Like litter on the pavements, thrown to the side, the missions of loved ones long gone from their minds.

They’ve become entangled within the mess of humanity and civilisation. They lost the freedom of thought! How on earth? I just don’t know. But these people fail to recognise every single day what they are up against. They long for contentment, yet no one craves the spontaneity anymore. Where did the excitement go? What happened to the passion?

Have you ever looked back and noticed exactly where your dream died? Like the time when you got given a disgusted look off someone when you were a child, because you were looking at yourself lovingly in the mirror. Or when someone told you art and creativity doesn’t make you a living.

We take what we hear from these adults because they are older and ‘wiser’ – and sure, these people only hope to give you the best of advice from the experiences they’ve had. They wanna make sure you stay safe and okay. But the truth is, what is safe? If safe is certainty then where does real life truly lie? What IS real life?

Life isn’t necessarily all about safety and security. Life is about finding your inner joy. Because your security could die out in the blink of an eye if you were to lose your house or your job. But that passion in your heart – that remains. You may call me crazy but I simply can’t seem to find anything that makes me happier. Forget about the dream they teach you to have. You have to go back to those times when nothing else mattered, and all you had were your thoughts.

Where did the thoughts go? Where did the imagination go? What happened to your aspirations, your wildest dreams? The things you thought about on those long car journeys? Where, among the shattered dreams, did you lose yours?

OKay this isn’t really a story and it turned in to me just talking but just you wait, one day this will be an actual story…

until then…

cya super girl

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