The Future 

Yep, the future. 

It’s the thing you don’t wanna be spending masses of time thinking about, yet at the same time, you’re kinda creating your future all the time if you get me? The thoughts you speak, the decisions you make, the plans you think about… the things you spend your time on. It all contributes to your life story, your journey. 

The Tao teaches that if you flow with your life, with how you’re feeling, and do what you feel like doing, your life unravels around you. You connect to your essence, you’re being, your true nature, because you’re ultimately one with all that is around you. The nature, the humans, the other species, and all of the 10,000 things.

I like this theory. It takes weight off your back knowing you’re always safe – you’re on a journey as a being in your own body, experiencing life. 

But obviously, the ego likes to get involved – a lot. It has a way of tapping in to the world, in terms of society that is. The laws, the expectations, the negativity, the money making, the goal achieving etc etc etc… you know how it is.

It can be scary. 

And if you’re anything like me, who WANTS to achieve all that you’re dreaming of, then you’ll understand how it can feel when things just feel a little… er, stuck? Stuck in between the two ‘ways’ even though I know the best ‘way’. 

“The Way” – the Tao, my essence, my happiness, my non – ego self. My true being, my self, the one I know, without fears and limitations and doubt and jealousy. You know? You see? Where I’m coming from?

I just like to believe that everything you desire and you want and work for WILL come to you, if you believe… even if the story ahead does seem a little “non existent” – (which it is at this very moment) 

You can’t plan EVERYTHING. 

Just live ✌🏼

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