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The Giveaway of Life

I’m writing to say that I’m doing a GIVEAWAY thing.

I am going to giveaway 3 ‘products’ that I use for free – to share and allow you guys to experience what I love and use.

These will be:

  • [The book] You Can Heal Your Life – by Louise L. Hay
  • A ‘MyProtein’ gym top in your size
  • And three delicious products from Trek (because I love eating them)

(So there will be 3 winners, and each of the winners will win one of these 3 things)

Now I know this is a little random, but there is some reasoning behind this:

  1. Louise Hay’s book changed my life, and I know it can change yours (if you haven’t already read it). The book is full of practical, relatable, comprehensible, inspiring words of advice and guidance. From this book I have discovered how to, literally, heal my life. From self love and self approval, to affirmations and ways to heal your body – this book contains everything you need to begin finding a healthier approach to yourself and your life. I also feel that upon reading this book, it may help you to understand the way my E-book is written (if you are interested in purchasing my E-book). Regardless of all this, I’m gonna give one away absolutely free and all you have to do is read it.
  2. I use MyProtein’s protein supplement, and therefore felt that because not everyone is likely to use protein in their diet, I thought maybe an item of clothing from their brand would be better suited. It may encourage you to use the gym (if you don’t), and their clothes are comfortable and of great quality. I want to share my love for the brand because their products and service is GREAT.
  3. Trek bars. Heard of them? They’re one of my favourite on-the-go snack treats! Gluten free oats, dates, soya protein, nuts and fruit combined together, create a high carb, high protein and high fat snack – an all round energy booster and hunger reliever. They’re also a perfect snack for numerous occasions, whether it be an on the go breakfast, a pre or post workout, or even just as a casual thing to eat when you fancy a snack during the day. Since they are also healthier than most cereal/energy bars, and they keep you full for longer, I want to encourage the purchase of them because I know how many foods there are out there which don’t offer nutritious sustainable energy, and are often filled with chemicals, sugar and sweeteners. Since they’re also my favourite I thought I’d share the love with you guys to see if they grow on you the way they did with me!

Now you know why I want to give away these products, all you have to do in order to have a chance of winning them is:

  1. Head over to my Instagram page @BodyLoveMind
  2. Follow me (if you’re not already)
  3. Sign up to my email listing (the link will be in my bio)
  4. And, like the picture on Instagram which is the same as the one in this blog

I’d appreciate the support if you take the time to do this!!

Thanks guys, and good luck!

Louise xx

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!