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The rain the sun the world

Something about the rain has been calming for me recently.

Even the smell of it seems to touch my senses (I used to hate the smell of rain.)

But something, just something, has made me feel kinda different today.

It feels fresh. It feels natural, pure, right.

It feels reviving. It’s cooling. It’s transpiring.

What in the world could have made me feel so different? I don’ think I have EVER felt this way about rain. I have always been a girl to moan and complain about rain.

I guess, wisdom is the answer. I know that too much of anything can get tiring.
Heat, for example. It gets exhausting. But the rain… it’s part of the cycle. If there were no rain, there would be no vegetation. Things would dry up. The water, we need it. Just like we need rain from time to time.

To wash over everything. To cool things down. To reset the air and refill the flowers and the plants with fresh, natural hydration.

We need rain so we can appreciate the sun again when it returns. You appreciate it that much more when it hasn’t been around. Because I can’t forget how astounding a thing the sun is, too.

The sun is a life force. Like water, like air. We need it to live, and to feel alive, to feel better again. The sun, it brings optimism. Warmth. Clarity.

What better can there be than looking up in to that vivid blue sky. So luminous, so beautiful, so clear. Nothing beats it. That calm mind.

But that doesn’t mean the rain doesn’t have it’s time and place. And as I’ve said, you kind of need it to see clear again. To renew the air and refresh the mind. It’s wisdom penetrating your skin as it pours. As it soaks you through. As it washes your tears away too.

It’s magical, this world. The seasons and all of it’s imperfections. Simplicity, yet vastly complex. How does it all work? This magnificent energy, the life force that moves everything. It grows the world as we speak. It’s ever changing yet the same as it always has been – magic. Yet not. Just plain simple love. Non-physical energy. Vibrations. Everything’s moving. Everything’s flowing. Everything’s growing.

Watch as it unfolds. Everything around you is happening for you, because of you.

This rain? It’s here, for me. I know it was meant to make me feel this way.

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