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The Life-Changing Approach to Finding Your Own Path in Health, Fitness and Mental Prosperity.

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You CAN reach your Health and Fitness desires. Period.

I’ve noticed how you have been trying to be fitter… and stronger. To lose weight. To reach GOALS of a better YOU.

So many people attempt at entering the world of fitness without a clue to where they should start. This is not really a surprise when you think about how much information there really is out there! How are you possibly supposed to choose which source to believe? How do you know what is right for you? There are so many twists and turns to the fitness industry, when really all you want is to get started! However, you’re faced time and time again with the same frustrating obstacles which can hold you back and confuse you to the point of giving up, resulting in nothing but endless failed attempts

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But you keep getting stuck on the same 'quick fix' solutions... that quite simply, don't work

  • You get many, MANY, diets. There are different types of diet, such as the Paleo Diet, vegan diets, low fat diets, the ‘Atkins diet’ (known as the low carb diet), HCG diet (where they use hormones and supplements with an estimation of how much you’ll lose per day), intermittent fasting etc, etc. There are many, many, many more types and each type will have people creating their own formula’s and ways of doing it..... Some may work, but others may result in unnecessary food restriction, resulting in people in turn eating even MORE unhealthy food and therefore gaining fat, because they still want the food.
  • There are also ‘fit-tea’s’, fat loss pills, or ‘fat free’ and ‘sugar free’ food and drink options.
  • People might even decide to not eat, and replace eating with things like cigarettes

  • People turn to workout DVD programmes such as P90X, insanity etc. (there’s loads). I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found these things pretty damn overwhelming when I see the model on the front cover!
  • People might spend lots of money on things like ‘Fitbit’, Apple watch, and other wearable fitness technology. Similarly, people might try to use apps like ‘My Fitness Pal’ in the hope that it will help them lose weight.

They leave you stuck in this repetitive cycle...

You might not really know what they should do in the gym or to workout, and therefore go to the treadmill and may get bored, or notice little or no results.
Some people may not be able to afford a gym membership, and therefore feel clueless as to how they’d possibly become fitter or lose weight.
Some people may like to have a workout partner to keep them accountable. This is not to say this is a bad thing to do, it’s just how much can you actually rely on this person? What if this person suddenly doesn’t care about fitness anymore and stops working out or going to the gym?

These options are not ‘bad’ options, don’t get me wrong. They can, and do work for some people. But the issue with them is that they often don’t have lasting results. They’re more just… surface problem solvers.

In this sense, they don’t account for the ups and downs of your life generally. They don’t literally rewire your brain to stay dedicated to your health and fitness… because they offer simple solutions to your biggest problems.

It’s not difficult to get caught up in these mechanisms, especially when you’re clueless, feeling helpless and in search for this solution.

As a result, you may quit. And then restart. And then quit… time and time again. Every time, nothing is different. You give up because you’re not receiving the quick results you’re always promised…

But what if there was an easier way? What if things were just simplified?

I know you want to be slimmer, or fitter, or just want to stay motivated to keep going to the gym – you just don’t understand HOW.

How? How do people do it? You keep wondering why everything you do in an attempt to lose weight doesn’t work for you. “Is it my genetics?” …people ask. “Am I just supposed to be this way?”

I say, NO! You are whatever way you want to be. You don’t have to be living your life feeling disappointed with your body… I know too well how this feels, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. Therefore, I am here to help.

Despite how many challenges you are faced with when it comes to fitness, they can be overcome.

 People often look to motivation as their main source of drive, and blame their lack of motivation for their lack of results! But have you ever noticed that motivation fluctuates naturally from day to day? Relying on motivation alone is therefore unlikely to be the factor that gets you from point A to point B.

However, having a solid goal, a BELIEF in your capabilities, and being committed to working progressively towards it, will and can have long lasting results – no matter what the goal.

Believe it or not, this is what will help you get further than you’ve ever been before. You don’t NEED a gym, the fanciest of gadgets and an endless supply of motivation (although this would be nice), you just need courage. And obviously some information, given to you in a simple and comprehensible manner.

What you need is to just GET STARTED.

  • Nevertheless, I know how it feels to want something so much, but for you to constantly feel that it’s out of your reach.

  • I know how it feels when you wish your body was different… different in a way that you are confident with.

  • I understand the fears of being judged for being different, going against the grain and actually DOING something about your life situation.

  • I understand the struggle, and how you can so easily be fooled by societies marketing and advertisement when it comes to weight loss for ‘quick results’.

But I also know that you CAN achieve the body and lifestyle you long for.

Do you want the answers to your fitness questions? Your fitness troubles?

Do you want CLARITY?

I found Clarity

I discovered my very own discipline.

I discovered my MUSCLES.

I also, eventually, lost the fat I wanted to lose.

Nonetheless, I also found LOVE.

For myself, for keeping myself fit and healthy, and now I also want to help other people to find this love. There’s not a better feeling in the world than love… and progress, and results that you know you’ve worked hard for.

I never used to be STRONG, (well, I didn’t know I was). I never used to recognise my very own capabilities, talents and the passions I now hold so closely to my heart.

Once upon a time I was in a very similar situation to the one you’re in right now. I was deeply unhappy – with myself. My body. The choices I made, the food I ate, the way I felt. I would dream of getting my fat surgically removed and my acne lasered off. I wanted a flat stomach and thin thighs. A body I felt comfortable in. But my lack of control with food and exercise made that feel, to me, near enough impossible.

Despite people telling me I wasn’t fat, I never in anyway felt happy with what I saw each time I looked in the mirror. I was constantly criticising myself, degrading myself. Calling myself fat while pinching at my stomach and thighs. Telling myself I HATE myself. I hated how I looked, how I felt, and most of all, how little control over my own self I felt I had.

My attempts at exercise would last no longer than a few days – at most – every few months or so. I would think and hope I would stick with it this time, each time, but nevertheless, each time I failed at that one. It’s not even that I couldn’t do it. It was more a case of never truly believing that I could.

Same with my diet. Near enough every morning I would plan to eat better. But then I’d come home later experience that familiar feeling of guilt and regret, because once again, I didn’t control myself.

This inconsistency with exercising and eating well was inevitably what prevented me from ever seeing the results I was after. But, I assumed I wasn’t able to change my body anyway, since I’d never experienced a change in myself which I had personally made happen. And the perfect female body just seemed way too unrealistic to me – (which it kind of is)

That’s the thing we all seem to fail to recognise time and time again when trying to make a change. We don’t realise the true power of our actions and our decisions.

If I had just stuck to eating better and continued to work out, I would have seen the results!

You’ve got to want it enough that you DO what you have to do. You’ve got to SEE who you’re meant to be.

As time passed, I noticed a dramatic change in my mental state. I became very anxious and depressed.

The food I was eating and the lack of exercise I *wasn't* doing became a very big contributor of that.

Since much of the food I ate was fast food or high in sugar, I experienced crashes in my energy, and felt very 'all over the place' in my head.

The energy of this food also wasn't being utilised anywhere. It instead, went to my mind. And much of my energy was spent worrying about events outside of myself or out of my control.

This lead to a gradual downward spiral in my confidence too.

THIS was where I was compelled to act.

When I finally took the time away from everyone and everything to just be on my own, I became aware of this energy, and found that the movement of my body, even just to walk around, was very  rejuvenating!

Despite all the researching and researching I had done to 'try' to get fitter in the past, as well as the doctor trips to try and alleviate my anxiety based symptoms, I actually found that all the answers were right inside of ME!

I then discovered meditation.

You can learn more about meditation in ‘Rewiring Your Mind for Success’.

Meditation helped me because for the first time in my life I experienced how my body actually felt.

Through meditation I realised how much I needed to exercise, to release my energy that would previously go straight to my mind and drive me insane.

I realised how the food I was eating made me FEEL, on the inside, regardless of how I looked.

Everything around me began to shift…

I stopped trying so hard to be something I wasn't.

I stopped focusing so much on everything I didn't have compared to everyone else.

I started seeing MY OWN potential.

I started using my energy to workout, and to make better choices with my food.

This takes me to the point in which I want to help YOU find your own journey.

There are far too many people in this world who dislike themselves, hate their bodies and wish to change but see no hope for themselves whatsoever. It saddens me.

There is no way on earth you should have to suffer your entire life living in a way that makes you unhappy.

I want to reinforce the importance of actual love and care for yourself, and eating well and finding what you want and taking the action!

I want to help you, because the information I’ve discovered is very simple and has the potential to alter your perspectives and get started with having a fit and healthy life, if you let it. This is why even beginners are able to change their fitness and lifestyles. All you need is an open heart and a willingness to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Within this eBook, you will discover ways that I’ve learnt to overcome my continuous fitness struggles. The ways I’ve wired, challenged, and accepted myself to become STRONG – just how it’s supposed to be.

I’ve come up with 10 main questions and a range of ideas and information to help you find YOUR path with fitness. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can be healthy and fit

You will learn:

  • How to Avoid the Mistakes A Lot of People Make When Buying Food
  • Ways to Overcome the Problems with Stubborn Fat You Have So Much Trouble Losing
  • How to Be Motivated Without Being Motivated
  • Why the Simple, Natural Ways of Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Are the BEST Ways
  • How to Cancel Out the Frustrating Habit of Giving Up and Choosing Not to Workout
  • Why Loving and Accepting Yourself Is Crucial to Your Journey

And more!

‘The Starting Point’ is made up of 3 main sections: Exercise, Diet and Mentality.

In each of the 3 sections I will talk about various topics and problems you may encounter or want to know more about, each one relating to either exercise, diet or mentality.


– The Importance of Setting Goals, Having A Purpose and Staying Consistent
– How to Overcome the Obstacle of Not Having Gym Access
– Overcoming Problems with Fat Loss: HIIT’s, LISS, Cardio, and Muscle Building
– The Metabolism
– The Fear of Looking ‘Masculine’
– Using Weights – Everything You Need to Know as A Beginner – Rep Ranges, Choosing Weights, Compound Vs Isolation, Progressive Overload, Plateaus, Circuit Training
– Exercises You Can Do With or Without Weight to Build Muscle and Lose Fat


– The 3 Main Macronutrients – Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat – What Foods to Pick
– How to Avoid the Mistakes A Lot of People Make When Buying Food
– Sweeteners, Chemicals, GMO and the Effects They Have on Our Minds
– What to Snack On
– Protein Shakes
– Eating Before and After the Gym
– Fit Tea’s, Weight Loss Pills and Why You Need to Avoid Them


– Overcoming the Frustrating Habit of Giving Up – Developing the Routine of Exercising Regularly
– Staying Committed, Consistent and Believing You Can
– Why Self-Love and Acceptance is Crucial for You to Make A Change
– Letting Go of the Opinions of Others
– Seeing the Problem for What It Is
– Your Mental Attitude and Subconscious Beliefs – How They Manifest in to Your Outside World
– Accepting Your Imperfections

To further get a grasp of things, you can purchase ‘Rewiring Your Mind for Success’, which I have put together to help you a little more with the mentality side of things.

I believe the body is the mind.

They are connected and therefore one cannot be changed without the other. Thus, physical results of change are often very much connected to what is going on in the mind. When you are not aligning and conscious of the thoughts that go on in your head, you subconsciously work against yourself without even realising it!

Yes - we can be our own critics and we hold ourselves back more than anybody. But at the same time, we can be the complete opposite, and actually support ourselves and cheer ourselves on. This is why the mentality is a very fundamental element in any self-improvement story. Your mind is a powerful tool, which is why you should be using it to your advantage.

In this shorter piece I will help you learn about:

– The Conscious and Subconscious Mind
– The ‘Ego’
– Meditation
– Your ‘Why’
– Forming Desired Habits
– Questions to Ask Yourself (Related to Diet and Exercise)
– Getting to The Root of The Problem
– Different Thinking Habits to Inherit

I have also created a 'Weekly Review' that you can purchase here for a small price.

It will help you to become more conscious of your goals and your progress towards them each week.

It is the method I use to make sure I am becoming a little better each week. steps.

Start Becoming the Person You Know You Are

Start discovering yourself

Start finding control

Start winning...

Start seeing yourself for what you are and all that you CAN be...


For there is only one true Starting Point

And everybody starts somewhere