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There is no limit to exercise

What exercise do you think of when you consider trying to lose weight?

If ‘running’ came to mind, lemme tell you something…

For years, running was the only exercise I ever thought of too (apart from maybe sit ups)

It was the only exercise which made up so many activities in school, it was the thing I did in sports day, it was just the overall exercise of life. People would say “I wanna get fit, let’s go for a run”, or if I was ever bored my mum would say “why don’t you go for a run”. I was also told as a young girl that I was a really good runner! So naturally, I believed running was the go to thing, and the only exercise.

The gym was something I remember once thinking “I would never go to” – simply because of the price, and because no way could I work out in front of people . And so running remained the only exercise I could possibly do if I wanted to get fit

But, what if you don’t really enjoy running?
When you don’t enjoy something, it’s hardly likely you’ll want to do it every day on your own accord. You don’t have that enthusiasm. There are a lot of people who don’t like running,.. not to say running is a bad exercise, but to those people who don’t, running doesn’t have to be where your exercise attempts end.

Early in my fitness journey I discovered HIIT Training (high intensity interval training). This involved a lot of body weight exercises like press ups, squat jumps and burpees. They give the same, if not a better, cardio effect like running gives you! From the results I was getting with HIITS I discovered that I could include weights in my workouts. This further increased the amount I was burning, while also giving me a very ‘toned’ look (paired with the fact that my eating habits had done a 360 degree turn)

Adding variety and efficiency in to your workouts can completely change the game for you, as it did for me. You don’t have to be using heavy weights, and running for hours to get results. But tweaking things up, and finding different ways to move your body can help you find enjoyment and stay committed to exercising!

Moral of the story? Never be afraid to try something different and completely out of your zone of comfort!! You never know where it may take you, or what you could end up achieving…

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!