Thoughts… for you

I call on the creative energy of the universe to guide my thoughts… to show me what to say. To guide my words on this page. I want to speak with meaning. I want to show the world what i’m truly capable of.

I want to empower people… to find courage within themselves to do the things they dream of doing. I want to empower those who lack confidence… who dislike themselves… who feel unworthy of the change they are capable of making happen for themselves! But how, I ask? What do these people want to hear? What am i going to do, what am i going to say?

It’s all within you.

The answers to all of the questions are within you.

But what about books and other people and experiences and situations and downfalls which will help me find answers?

They come when the time is right. The situations you may find yourself in are all a part of you. They happen for you, because of you. They happen to enlighten you. To help you change. To inspire you. They were going to happen anyway. They are a part of your life in the future.

But the future doesn’t exist!

But the way your life is going to work out, does. It just isn’t here yet. You will find your way each step at a time. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. Don’t fear and don’t feel put down by this because all that you need to know right now in THIS moment is available to you right now. Do what you can, with what you have, with the thoughts and the ideas you have, and the time you have, and the people you can serve, and do what you can. Do what you can. Don’t worry, about then. Think about now. What can you do right now to serve these people? How can you help? What can you put out there? What can you do?

It’s the small things. it doesn’t need to be major. But think of that girl that you wanna help. That past you. The one who didn’t know what you know now. The girl who in the future will know more than the girl now, but the girl now is the girl now so focus on that and work with what you have. You are always progressing. You are always learning always growing, for as long as you intend to learn and grow.

There are infinite possibilities within you. Appreciate that. See your potential right now. Notice how much you have already helped people, and carry on doing that. Do it for the bigger picture, not the short term gain. For everything will add up, exactly as it’s meant to, and in return for your efforts you will see the change you have helped create. You will see who listens, you will see who cares. You will help people see their own potential, and they will have learnt from you. You just gotta carry on. Document how you feel. Write it all down and share it, there is no limit to what you can truly feel.

For you are a thousand thoughts a second. Each one of which is necessary in it’s own right. And as you learn to take control of your own life, you’ll teach others how to do so too.

You will empower as you become empowered. You will grow as others grow too. You will help people see their strength, and in time you will learn how strong YOU are too!

Because you are as strong as you believe. As brave as you feel. As worthy as you allow yourself to be. And so don’t ever go for anything less than what you know of yourself. You are your own encyclopedia. You can learn what you choose, about yourself and about others, so that everyone can benefit from your knowledge.

It doesn’t need to be something special, it’s just showing up every day. It’s sharing what you can, and doing what you need to do to get that next piece of advice in to the world. It’s writing down your ideas, and allowing God to take over from there. Trust in the process of your life, and i promise you’re already half way there.

I love and appreciate all that i am, and i intend to share that love and appreciation with you. I want you to feel strong in YOUR own skin, so you never feel like you need outside approval of others to do so. Because that’s how i often feel. And it’s sad in a way, for all that i learn, the embedded habits and negative ways of thinking still don’t go away. But are they negative? Maybe they’re more just something for you to observe. A way to develop yourself. Something to learn. Because you needn’t bring yourself down because of the way you are right now. Because if you learn to overcome it, you can go further than what you realised was possible.

Let go of the attachment to others. Do what you want FOR YOU, not for them. They don’t care anyway. People who want approval don’t get it, its the ones who don’t care that approval comes naturally. So don’t care. Don’t worry. Let it go. Observe your intentions because i know there is so much more to you than what it seems and what you feel in the moment. You’re running on fear you’re running on dread. You’re not thinking about what you’re actually doing it for, you think you’re doing it for the approval! the acknowledgement. the acceptance.

So accept yourself! Accept and love yourself fully. move away from those who make you feel like you are below them, and STOP APOLOGISING FOR WHO YOU ARE. You are a work of art, a masterpiece, and if you carry on training hard FOR YOU, you will literally become a masterpiece. Because you can. It’s possible. But running on approval seeking will only ever make you feel depressed. it did for me. It makes me lose self respect, drive, motivation, PASSION, inspiration, determination, strength, personal ambition. Seek acceptance of you from you. Challenge yourself each time to do something you didnt think you could. Work every day on focusing purely on what you’re doing, rather than if they’re watching. Work hard in silence, when no one is watching. i promise your success will make you heard. Stay humble and stay on track with your path, for it is the only way… you cant stand in another persons path and expect them to focus on you. theyve got their own path. You gotta focus on yours. Reflect on why you’re doing it and what you wanna do. Set a goal for the day. smash it. do it for you. believe you can accomplish anything. You are a masterpiece.

an inspiration

an unfolding journey

a growth spurt in  action

a blooming flower.

Allow your petals to bloom, exactly how they’re meant to, when they’re meant to, because they’re meant to. Not because anyone tells you how to, or why to, or when to. Its all you. only you have control of your journey. Only you can do the things you wanna do. No one else can do it quite like you.

No one

only you.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!