What is a Twin Flame?

In the past few months, i have discovered, learnt and researched Twin Flames. This is because i have discovered i am in fact a Twin Soul myself.

A Twin Flame is the embodiment of the same soul incarnated in two bodies.

The soul when incarnating here on Earth split in to two: a masculine dominant half and a feminine dominant half.

We all have masculine and feminine qualities within us, but we are each individually predominantly masculine or feminine due to factors such as the body we have (male or female) and which we most resonate with (i.e a female may feel a lot more resonance to the masculine persona and vice versa)

Twin Flames incarnated to bring about a balance.

Although there is no specific gender which determines the dominant masculine or feminine traits either one of the twins possess, we require both the feminine and masculine to function, and the twin souls highlight the imbalance within each other.

This is because in order for the twins to reunite, their masculine an feminine energies need to be balanced within them both.

Twin  flames commonly recognise each other through their eyes. There is a familiarity about this person that at first you cant figure out. You are naturally drawn to each other despite the differences between you (i.e whether this person is your ‘type’ or the type of person you’re usually attracted to, their age, gender and any other circumstances)

Because you are each others literal other half you are a perfect match. You are the yin and yang. And you are here to bring about heaven on earth and to overcome any perceived barriers to unconditional love.

This is why many twins incarnate as people who aren’t typically, or, in the eyes of society, a ‘match’. The twins are here to demonstrate to the world how unconditional love far exceeds any physical reality, since it is the souls of each individual that attract each other.

There are also a lot of barriers to twin souls that present in the form of ‘karma’ and past life experiences. Each twin came with the intention of learning and integrating certain lessons. Those lessons are triggered by your twin soul. This is why your twin may bring up all those old feelings of hurt to the surface.

Karma may also come up in the form of relationships with other people, usually ‘soul mates’ who come about to teach you lessons that you wouldn’t be able to learn with your twin soul.

The inability for you to instantly come together harmoniously triggers your deep wounds within you so they they can be transmuted and integrated.

You may not understand why but you naturally ‘run’ from each other, simply because the pain at times can get too much. In those moments of separation you ultimately learn to find your way back to yourself. This is because when you subconsciously, or, consciously, ‘run’ from your twin soul, or, try to force things to happen with your twin, you are actually running from yourself. This is because they are you, you are them, and this is a journey of unconditional love for both you and them. The unconditional love you have for each other is what will keep you coming back together time and time again. Each time you return to each other you come together to heal deeper layers of the same wounds you have came here to heal and transmute.

When you come together you’ll feel a sense of ‘completeness’. Think of you both like part of the same rubber band. You will keep stretching apart and recoiling until eventually you are both at a standstill and can see eye to eye. This will happen when you have both healed the majority of your wounds. The rest you will do together when in ‘union’.

Reunion is when you come together in the physical plane. This happens once you have found union in the higher dimensions, and only then will you bring this love down to earth for all to see. You will have transmuted all fears and will see beyond all time space limitations which are nothing more than lessons we came here to integrate.

The twin flame journey is a journey of a lifetime.

You are both learning to become your best selves, love unconditionally, and also carry out joint (and separate) missions here on earth to raise the vibration and awaken the planet as it shifts in to a new higher reality.

The type of love is that of heaven on earth because when you come together you are ultimately in alignment with your higher self which is a very high frequency vibration to be in.

When the two of you make love you will be experiencing  full prana life force energy as your two bodies emerge. This energy between you both actually has the potential to change worlds around you because it is that powerful. You fully merge as the oneness that you are and are able to express this love in its highest form.

It isn’t any typical type of relationship because part of your mission is to transmute and oversee the conventional stereotypical relationship template (i.e get married, have kids and a house and a car). Although you may still have these things your love is a completely different dynamic, one with which you are free to become all that you are meant to while expressing and being the total embodiment of unconditional love.

Although everyone has a twin soul, not everyone incarnated here to unite with them. There are only a number of twin flames who meet in the physical reality and unite. Others may not have planned to reunite in this lifetime, or, even awaken at all.

How do you know someone is your twin flame?

Because it is like looking at yourself. Again it is usually in the eyes and when you put pictures up against each other you can almost see that familiarly. They say the eyes are the window to your soul – this is truth!

Although this information here isn’t based on personal experience (i.e i haven’t come in to union), its what i know at this time!

We are all on a journey and i send love and healing to anyone reading this. The journey isn’t easy in any way, but i have faith that it is worth it (and not something you can necessarily escape from because that would be escaping YOU which is near enough impossible lol)

But it is love in the highest form. And it is a blessing in itself to be experiencing this journey, to love someone so dearly and also to discover what it truly means to love yourself without conditions.

Please, share with me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!