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What’s wrong with being strong?

Who knows of someone who thinks of strength training and weight lifting as something to be ashamed of – an unattractive thing that gives you disgusting looking muscles. 

“Why would you wanna do that?” they say. “Why do you need to do it?” “You’re over doing it!” And then the all time classic: “you’re obsessed!”
When I simply reply “I enjoy it” they don’t know what to say. What’s wrong with being strong? I’m growing my muscles, so that not only do I grow physically, but also mentally. People don’t understand the work required to build muscle, and how much it can strengthen you mentally through all of the pain and pushing.

It also takes courage and commitment to ensure you’re doing it regularly enough to even build muscle. So why do people judge? Why do they try to make you think it’s wrong? 

Simply put, they don’t understand. It’s the kind of thing where someone has never actually even considered the fact that they could enjoy something too. It’s not “normal” in their eyes to be doing something different. I say different in terms of not just having a job – but trying to pursue something that you want to have. Whether that be bigger muscles, more strength or anything that doesn’t even have anything to do with fitness! I feel passionately about this, which is why I talk about it a lot. I feel that with this one life you have as a human being on this planet, you should be able to do the thing you LOVE. 

Which is why it saddens me ever so slightly when people feel the need to come and tell you all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T be following your dreams. 

Because I personally say the opposite: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!  What people think and say about you is not your problem. If you don’t follow what your heart desires then please, where’s the happiness 🙁 

I hope I can inspire you on my journey to take action with YOUR journey – because it’s hard – I completely get that. It’s still difficult every day, and there are a million different things I feel I should be doing.. but ah, patience… patience…✌🏼
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