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#youAREstrong… YOU are


Today, I am writing about #youAREstrong.

I use this hashtag a lot whether it be in my Instagram posts, or written on my website or anything related to me and ‘bodylovemind’.

What it all comes down to is that capital ‘ARE’. Saying that you ARE something, I find, can be very impactful in your life. This whole you are strong thing also links to motivation in general. Whether it be being strong physically in the gym, or mentally when confronted with challenges in life. Telling yourself you ARE strong can help you to stay strong and carry on when you really do not want to.

I say you ARE strong because it’s empowering. I want to EMPOWER you.

When I first begun my journey in to fitness and becoming a stronger version of myself, I would write in my diary over and over that I AM strong. When I didn’t want to work out in my tiny little room, but knew I had to anyway, the only thing driving me was my own encouragement and persistence. It was my inner voice telling me I could do it, even when the other side of me really didn’t want to. and as far as I can see, it helped. If it hadn’t, I would not have progressed to where I am right now. It helped because I did it… and I just didn’t ever give up.

I was recommended a book by someone on Facebook the other day called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. I brought it. And there was a sentence which goes: ‘Our brains become magnetised with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds’.

I feel that this really relates to this whole ‘you ARE strong’ thing, because when you keep repeating to yourself that you are strong, you start to see that you can actually be strong – if you push yourself.

You can you have that physical potential.

Your body is adaptable.

You’re physically capable of so much more than you realise.

This is why progress in the gym is possible, when you constantly do something. For example, I have been squatting a lot more recently to build up my strength. I was asked in the gym how long I have been squatting for, and when I replied 20ish weeks, he was surprised. I am surprised, really. I have progressed a lot with it (despite collapsing to the ground with 100kg on my shoulders the other day, which has very much scared me). And its because my body adapted to me squatting 3 days a week. before this I was squatting maybe once a week, or once a fortnight. And when I began, 3 squatting sessions a week killed my legs!! But now, they are fine. And when I took one day off to practise deadlifting instead, I could actually feel I hadn’t squatted in my legs – which goes to show your adaptability.

It also goes to show that you can take on challenges in the gym, for example, if you tell yourself you are strong and back it with action. It also comes down to just showing up to the gym even when you don’t want to. The amount of times I think to myself that I don’t wanna go… endless. Physically or mentally, there is always a challenge. But its not an option to just not go. You have to show up. You will feel way better for it afterwards than if you were to just skip it over and over again.

It’s your mind that needs convincing. It very often can be the thing that gets worn out first. Your body, on the other hand, is strong. But it follows the mind. And so if youre telling yourself you cant do something, or that youre too tired, or whatever other excuse you may use to convince yourself you can’t work out, then your body won’t feel like it either, and then you wont do it… and wont grow… and wont progress… and won’t be strong. On the other hand, telling yourself that you are strong and CAN get through it, you will grow, and get stronger. Pain is temporary.

Your state of mind needs to be belief. Belief that you are and can be strong. Not just mere hope. Desire – backed with faith. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, then nobody else will!

Everybody is capable of success and being strong, but I’m sure there are so many people who choose to believe that they cant be successful or do the things they want to do for whatever reason. It could even be down to external reasons such as having a job – people use it as an excuse to not work out!

But if you are thinking to yourself that you aren’t able to become successful because of this, that, and whatever else, then just think. How do you think other people managed to do it? People who ARE successful in any way. And you may be thinking: what even is success?!

Success is all down to your own personal perspectives. Success to one person could be building a strong body, whereas success to somebody else may be disciplining a child or training a dog. Or anything else, such as growing your hair, or creating a business.

But one things for sure is that nobody is special, and nobody was born with instant success. Success is to be achieved and worked for.  Sure, some people are genetically very lucky, but this, again, shouldn’t be another excuse. Everybody is equal and capable.

Therefore, you really have to believe that you have the potential.

Because honestly, what makes you different from somebody who is already achieving the things they want?

The difference is the work you haven’t put in yet… the stuff you haven’t yet learnt. The journey you haven’t been through. That is life!! The more you work on something you desire, the more likely you are to get there. You WILL get there. It won’t necessarily be a quick and straightforward, but dedication and consistency pays off.

Some people ask me how I stay motivated to go to the gym. But honestly? Its not motivation. Unless I watch a video of somebody squatting and it inspires me, or I look at someone with an incredible body, and it matches what I want to see in myself, I will probably feel motivated!

But its not really what drives you. Motivation fluctuates naturally from day to day. And because it is constantly going up and down and is primarily fuelled by things external to you (not always, but still), you cannot rely on it!

It’s down to the persistence and the dedication and the faith behind these things. Faith and belief that you can achieve what you want. It’s about deciding that quitting never will be an option. Skipping the gym, unless you seriously cannot go, should not be an option! Sure, there will be times when you are physically and mentally exhausted, which is fine. Respect that. But generally, mostly, it’s going to be you mentally not believing in yourself and what you are capable of. There has always got to be a way. Just go there anyway and see what you can do. Consider how you are feeling and work with it. do something you enjoy to get your body moving. You’ll feel a lot better than if you just skipped it.

Because the motivation really isn’t always going to be there!

But just know, that just in the same way that it disappears, it will always return. It comes and goes, rises and falls. And when it returns, you wanna make sure you are still on the road of progression!

The problem with me in my earlier years, was this absence of consistency. When motivation left, so did my momentum, and I stopped. Back to square one – over and over again. This is the same trap so many people find themselves in. People end up going around and round in this cycle, and they never get off the ground, simply because they cant get ‘motivated’. I understand and can empathise so much with how this feels!!!

But you’ve got to just go anyway you’ve just got to try, you really do. Otherwise you’re literally just asking for that continuous cycle of failed attempts, and you’ll constantly be back at square one – which Is not what you want. That is worse than not having motivation!

You’ve got to have that dedication behind it and that belief… that inner desire – whatever it is that you want. Think about that which you want, and forget about the fleeting feelings of doubt and apathy you feel in the moment – because they are what hold you back! When you buy in to them and believe them and then… you don’t do anything.

And you wonder why you’re still where you are, and you wonder how other people do it.

You do it by just DOING it, and believing that you ARE strong and CAN be strong.

What it comes down to is your thoughts. When you are thinking that you are strong and believing you are strong they become your words and they become how you talk to yourself.  It’s comparable to the negative chatter we tell ourselves, only this way It EMPOWERS you, rather than drags you don’t further.

Your thoughts become your beliefs, and your beliefs become your words, and your words become your actions, and your actions become your values, and your values become your destiny. Your values are the things you live by and the things you stand for and the things you believe in, they drive your action.

It all starts in the mind. THIS is why I say that you are strong.

What are your values? Do you believe yourself to be strong??

‘I AM strong’ is what you should be saying to yourself.

Keep saying to yourself that you are strong and feel it in your body and go to the gym even when you don’t feel like it. I promise, that all those times when you don’t want to, but you continue to carry on anyway, will add up in the end. And in the end, you will see that you are in fact, strong!

You’ll look back and be glad you persevered.

I never used to think I was strong. Until I started saying that I AM.

I’d love to know if this helps anybody. Because it helped me to see that I can be strong, and I want you to believe that you can be strong too! I want you to see that you CAN achieve anything that you want, especially that body – you can change your body.  You are capable!

You just need to convince your mind.

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