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Your phone is addictive… ok

Hi Guys, Girls, Peeps

Lets talk today about phones. They are addictive. End of.

Especially the ol’ social media!

Why am I saying this?

Well, because I saw this video on YouTube the other day about this very topic. It stunned me to watch, and although I already knew they were clearly addictive, I was still stunned and it got me thinking about my own addiction…

I’m not even joking when i say I’m addicted. I get my phone out and tap on Instagram without even thinking about it, and then can end up sitting there scrolling through it for a solid chunk of time without thinking, until I awaken from the addictive trance of ‘mind blocking’ and suddenly realise all the time I’ve wasted.

And this, inevitably, leads to guilt and frustration at myself – because I could have been doing something way more productive!

The reason this video I watched stunned me, was because I found that the creators of social media – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, to name a few of the commoners -make them addictive. Each time you go on the social media its like getting a dose of heroin.  This is because the rewards (i.e. likes and comments) you receive are like the highs you get. And if you’re not posting, then you’re able to see what everyone else is up to. It lights up your brain in the same way it would if you took drugs, basically.

Something about it, is addictive. I see and feel the addiction in myself! And it makes me sad. They made it addictive to keep you on it. They set algorithms so that you see more of the things you like, so that you stay on it. And because so many people who post only reveal the highlights of their lives, so many people end up sitting there comparing themselves to people online and feeling like they aren’t good enough! Or people simply can’t stop and put the phone down, and as a result nobody ever truly gets a taste of peace and silence anymore. It’s all noise noise noise – in your head. When you’re on your phone scrolling, it puts you in some kind of a trance. It’s like you’re on drugs. That’s why I always describe it as ‘mind-blocking’ – because that’s what it does! For me anyway!

It affects your sleep too, for gods sake! The amount of sleepless nights I’ve had all down to going on my phone before bed… is… I dunno, I don’t even like to think about it because it’s ridiculous. And despite me saying this, SO MANY PEOPLE DO IT! I mean yeah, it’s your choice, but if you wanna grow in to a stronger better version of yourself, you NEED sleep!! You also need time to just think – about stuff other than other people online.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about this because it’s been pretty prevalent in my mind recently. The amount of time wasted on social media is something I am really trying to cut down majorly, so that I can get more done in my life and feel more clarity.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I’m talking only of the negative aspects of social media here, which doesn’t mean I don’t think its a great tool for anyone to use – to share their thoughts, post pictures, interact with people all over the world, and help people too!! It’s amazing! I mean bodylovemind wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Instagram.

But I do also really wanna raise awareness of the addictive qualities of it too, because if you’re not aware… then you’ll end up sitting on your phone scrolling your entire life and wake up one day and realise you haven’t done anything you actually wanted.

I am slowly trying to cut down my consumption of the drug by keeping my phone away from my bed, and by going on it as little as possible during the first few hours of my day. I will also keep it away from me when I am doing work or put it on flight mode. I’m gonna find a way to turn off my notifications on Instagram and I’m certainly not going on it in bed, if I can help it. As well as this, although I like to share the best of me, with the best angles of me face (yep i don’t like one side of my face), I still really do wanna keep it real. Showing my authentic self online is something that has expanded me and allowed me to grow in confidence, and i want other people to feel like they can do the same. On my story for example, I don’t care if i’m not wearing make up, just got out the gym and my eyes are black from smudged make up, or I just generally look a bit off. What’s important to me is showing up every day, sharing my thoughts, and showing my face to the world regardless of how it looks. Because really, who’s to judge? And if they do, then really, are they even trying themselves?

There is no need to live in a world of constant comparisons and feeling like we need to be perfect, because how is that really ever going to benefit anyone? That’s why I’m so drawn to the idea of becoming my strongest, best, most authentic self – because that’s where true happiness lies. It is about growth, and knowing you have flaws, and accepting them, yet knowing that you also have awesome qualities. It’s about working on the flaws you can change, and learning to accept the ones you can’t, and not being afraid of it.

I want people to see that nobody is perfect, okay, like come on, we all know this!! Comparing yourself to people online is literally the key to unhappiness! And so is getting high on an app on your phone which has so little ROI (return on investment).

Remember how precious your time actually is. And these apps are all fighting for your attention, so that they can use your time, and make money!

Ask yourself, am I using my phone to do things i need to do, or is my phone using me?

You have a choice in it all at the end of the day. And you can cut the addiction by gradually cutting it out! Just for some peace of mind, you know? Just to feel free mentally and not feel like you have to be there every second of the day on the other end of every single notification. You’re more than that! And that’s just plain tiring.

What are your thoughts on this?

I’d love love love to hear, please leave your comments down below. I’d much appreciate them!

Louise x

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