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You’re capable of anything!

I believe that you are capable of doing anything. I am certain that my spirit, my Being, the universe, God, is guiding me. I feel the energy inside me. I am so sure of this power, this innate calm, that it saddens me to see so many people unaware of it, distracted from seeing it, unconsciously using their mind to read gossip about other people, to blank out their minds by watching the TV.. every single day. People drink alcohol most weekends, because it’s the end of the week, they’re away from what they hate doing – working, in a job that doesn’t make them genuinely happy. But It’s all they know. And the reason so many people are in this position is because you’re “taught to focus on what they don’t want” … a career, to work your way “up” in a business. It makes me sad, I feel that there is a whole world out there of incredible possibilities. And I believe your mind and your body is capable of it all…with your belief, with your mind. If you keep on telling yourself you can do something, then you will. And despite any obstacles or uncertainty, you can still reach the goal..the end of the workout… the job you desire.  Just like my boyfriend Joe once said: If you’re driving to Cornwall and you get half way, and you think “this is taking ages” so you stop, make a U turn and go back home, you’re not gonna make it to Cornwall. But, if you keep on going, then no matter how much traffic, and how many obstacles and diversions and traffic lights and roadworks there are, then you WILL get to Cornwall ;). Just like getting to Cornwall, you can do anything with your life. You can do what you want to do to do what you WANT to have or do. And I’m gonna learn this, again and again.

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