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You’re stronger than you think

Don’t just rush the process away. Be in the process

Notice the beauty of the process.

You may be feeling anxious as hell, caught up in your fears, worrying about your health, that people are following you home. You lay in your room at night, feeling trapped. But you listen to your breath. You watch it, you follow it, and suddenly things feel calmer.
Your anchor, your point of steadiness. The continuous flow of the breath. Always there to connect you back to your higher self.

Remember anxiety is the ego trying to protect itself.
Remember there is nothing out to get you

All there is is your thoughts and your perceptions

You race home, its dark outside. There is a dark shadow behind you, they came from a car out of nowhere, and now they seem to be charging towards you…

They whistle a few times. You shine your light on them a few times. Yet it’s impossible to fully make them out or where they are. They seem to have just disappeared in to the black night. But all of a sudden they’re closer…

Your heart pounding, breath heavy, eyes focused on nothing but darkness.

It’s impossible to know what to do in this situation, so of course instincts take over and i just walk home quickly. But the truth is, i didn’t actually want to go back home. I wanted to stay out walking a bit more. I felt the need to walk. Still, it happens for a reason, right?

I come back inside and start contemplating my life. Why do i live in such fear all the time? I got in to my room and started worrying about closing my eyes because of the thought of waking up to a thousand spiders crawling around me. Fears like these, deep rooted in the back of my mind, from stories to experiences, all come alive when i am anxious. Why is this so?

Anxieties can control us. They can keep us trapped in a false notion of fear. They can destroy us inside. Suck us dry of productivity and focus.

But have you ever tried to actually transmute that energy?

When you’re feeling totally anxious, try getting out a notebook or your laptop and writing it down. Turn it in to a blog. Or go to someone elses social media and leave them a kind comment. Take the attention away from everything in your head. Allow things to come out of you on to the page. See the words for what they are.

You’re stronger than you think.

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